Friday, August 2

UNO X: A Decade of Hotness

Its only until now that UNO has released another cover. When was the last time they released one (The Fourplay Issue)? I know its this year but I couldn't recall when. 

And now, they celebrate a decade of hotness, a decade of class, and a decade of UNO's style. In their decade of hotness (issue) they've featured two-time sexiest from another well-known men's magazine Sam Pinto and model-dj-onetime columnist Jinri Park as their covergirls but on two separate covers. 

Grab a piece of Sam Pinto

If you're not happy with Sam (only), then get Jinri also. Either of the

Or Grab a piece of Jinri Park

I can't recall when was the last time UNO had multiple covers. But I'd make sure to grab both copies once its available at your leading bookstores. 

Happy 10th Anniversary UNO. Hope you'd feature more classy ladies for the years to come. ^_^

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