Saturday, August 3

Marien 365: Week 45 (Day 309 - 315)

Day 309: She wants to read some more books.

Day 309

Day 310: She just picked-up the cellphone before calling her mom.

Day 310

 Day 310: Talking to her lola on the phone.

Day 310

Day 311: She doesn't want to get dressed yet XD.

Day 311

Day 312: Finding time to man the stall at a very young age. XD

Day 312

Day 312: A closer look from up high.

Day 312

Day 312: Crossing down the street? Not really. XD

Day 312

Day 313: Spending a day at the office with Mommy

Day 313

Day 313: Gets a kiss from Mommy.

Day 313

Day 313: Daddy and Baby takes a catnap while Mommy is working.

Day 313

Day 314: She opens the door to get out for some fresh air.

Day 314

Day 315: Playing her make-shift toy, a medicine box.

Day 315

Day 315: Her walker was really used for quite sometime now.

Day 315

Week 46 in the next few days.

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