Friday, August 2

Swabeng Thoughts: Time Management and Candy Crush

Most people I know online and offline are getting hooked into this game called Candy Crush. Its a simple game that can be played online (internet) or offline that is indeed fun and challenging at the same time. I got started to get hooked into this gave recently.  

Then, I remember a former colleague of mine saying she'll quit playing Candy Crush as it makes her unproductive and spend less time with her family. Eventually she quit and moved on with her life.

Most people had a habit of quitting doing things that turn out to be bad and makes you unproductive especially doing it excessively. One problem I see here is the lack of proper time management. When and where to play was the issue.

While part of me agrees to it, I don't mind playing Candy Crush an hour or two in a day not just to relax and kill time, but to keep my braincells working as well. Also I only play Candy Crush at home while watching my daughter sleep or while she's playing mer mom's other tablet.

I still got to do things I wanted to do without compromising time for my family and to myself. Speaking of which, I got some life already to use and hopefully level up. XD

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