Wednesday, August 14

Swabeng Random Thoughts Part 8

1. Its been a while since the last time I scribbled down what's been on my head. I think the last time was when I was about to go to work again this year. Time really flies so fast.

2.AFAIK, I hope I would get regularized at work. The last time I got regularized was back in August 2006.If I get regularized this month, then, it would be coincidence XD.

3. Today is my last day of work here in the office. For the past 6 months, I was able to learn a lot and grasp as much knowledge as I can even though my world had a 360-degree turn in their IT environment.

4. I was able to start editing some pictures that I took last year (and I was able to edit 20+ sets) but for some reason, I couldn't seem to continue my streak. There is some force that prevents me to continue editing. Even with my blogging, I need to push through and continue to reach my zero backlog target for this year. 

5. When I started working here, my doctor gave me prescribed medicine for my maintenance and it worked well on me. So far, my blood pressure has been stabilized but I gained some weight thanks to free food (and drinks) at our pantry. I just hope the Admin Dept would provide healthier optionsfor guys like me.

6. Even with Sat-Sun as my rest days, I wasn't able to fully enjoy those weekends of taking pictures as I need to attend some Daddy duties for Marien. In return, I missed a couple of shooting opportunities that I have to wait for a year. I need to re-awaken my creativity again for me to grow as a better person.

7. Last June, I bought a Danbo and its mini version during the Toycon 2013. Up to now, I haven't took both off from their box. Hopefully, I could start shooting again while getting inspiration to capture the best photos. 

8. Since I started working here, my smoking habits got back. But I just smoke when I'm in the office with my colleagues who smoke as well and I just limit myself to 3 sticks a night. At home, I don't smoke. 

9. Since I started working again, I tried collecting a few books that deals with Finance and Money. It tackles topics from how to save money to how to invest it for the long term. I want to impart what I learned here to my daughter as my wife has her own ways to save money. 

10. I forgot to mention that last night, I just signed my 5th month performance appraisal (it was almost a month overdue) as my manager has recommended me to be regularized here at work. Unless I signed some documents pertaining to my status as a permanent employee, I have to work as if its my last day. 

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