Tuesday, August 13

Marien 365: Week 47 (Day 323 - 329)

Day 323: My beautiful baby.

Day 323

Day 324: Having her breakfast at home.

Day 324

Day 324: Pouting! 

Day 324

Day 325: Counting 1 2 3.

Day 325

Day 325: Pouting again. XD

Day 325

Day 326: When I got home from QC, her mom was giving her some refreshments. XD

Day 326

Day326: See how big her hands are.

Day 326

Day 327: See how she holds her bottle while feeding.

Day 327

Day 328: Just fell asleep after taking a bath.

Day 328

Day 329: While her mom is still sleeping, she takes a look at her bag. XD

Day 329

Day 329: Trying to stand up while taking her picture.

Day 329

Hold on. We have five more weeks to go. XD         

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