Sunday, August 18

Marien 365: Week 48 (Day 330 - 336)

We have a couple more weeks to go so just enjoy. XD

Day 330: Just being herself.

Day 330

Day 331: While lola carries her for a couple of minutes

Day 331

Day 332: Felling the morning heat.

Day 332

Day 333: Another Picture Perfect Moment.

Day 333

Day 334: She looks back knowing where the camera is at.

Day 334

Day 334: Her 11th cake for the year.

Day 334

Day 334: Mommy and Baby: One more month before her big day.

Day 334

Day 335: One more month before turning one.

Day 335

Day 336: Her uncle's turn to play with her.

Day 336

Wait, there are four more to go. XD

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