Tuesday, June 4

Back to School. Back to Collecting some men's magazine.

Time really flies so fast! Yesterday was just summer, then all of a sudden, we pack our (I mean your) bags and head back to school. =P

Anyway, here are some good stuff (men's magazines) that you can grab this month.

1. FHM Philippines (Jennylyn Mercado): For the third time, FHM's Hot Momma would be again gracing the cover of FHM. Kinda recycled if you asked me but hey, the contents is what I am after =P 

FHM Philippines June 2012

2. Esquire Philippines (Sam Pinto): Sam is doing a Ryza Cenon??? Whatever, I kinda like the Art Issue Esquire gave us. 

Esquire Philippines June 2013

3. Playboy Philippines (Mae Dela Cerna): From being one of the EB Babes to having a name of her own in Mocha, Mae has already carved a name for herself in the entertainment industry. With Playboy's two covers, its hard which one to choose. XD

Playboy Philippines May - June 2013

Playboy Philippines May - June 2013

4. Rogue (Bianca Gonzales): This I got to see. But like it or not, this cover is also similar to FHM's May featuring Ryza Cenon and Esquire's Sam Pinto (June 2013). Anyway, I'll still get this one and try to find other old issues as well. 

Rogue June 2013

That's the best way to start the school year. Agree?!?! XD

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