Tuesday, June 4

Marien 365: Week 33 (Day 225 - 231)

Day 225: A very messy baby. XD

Day 225

Day 226: She starts to climb mommy's back while mommy is online. 

Day 226

Day 226: Now she's trying to stand-up again from our make-shift cabinet as she makes a pose XD.

Day 226

Day 227: She just had a short afternoon nap.

Day 227

Day 228: Looks a bit grumpy.

Day 228

Day 229: Trying to enjoy her headband.

Day 229

Day 229: Beautiful eyes or she's already sleepy? XD

Day 229

Day 229: Got wide-awake all of a sudden.

Day 229

Day 230: A day-out with mommy.

Day 230

Day 230: Having a happy holidays at SM MOA

Day 230

Day 230: Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary Daddy and Mommy. Clap clap clap! — 

Day 230

Day 231: She's falling asleep, literally. XD

Day 231

Day 231: Now she's trying to get up again.

Day 231

Now, time for some commercial break before week 34. XD            

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