Saturday, June 29

Marien 365: Week 38 (Day 260 - 266)

Some more baby pictures from an old camera. XD

Day 260: Playtime!

Day 260

 Day 261: Flying Kick!

Day 261

Day 262: She's texting at an early age. XD

Day 262

Day 263: Very happy she was able to send a message, to the wrong person. XD

Day 263

Day 264: Enjoys watching TV

Day 264

Day 265: Now she's standing up again along the stairs.

Day 265

Day 266: My baby gave her lola a well-deserved buss.

Day 266

Were almost there to Day 300-365. XD    


  1. awww, she's adorable! kids that stage are fun. she seem happy and I bet the parents are so proud.

  2. Nakakawala ng stress .... Ung smile niya at facial expression ...


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