Wednesday, June 19

Marien 365: Week 36 (Day 246 - 252)

Day 246: My baby is looking for something there. Milk perhaps? XD

Day 246

Day 247: Spending my late morning with my baby.

Day 247

Day 247: She went closer and wanted to get the camera from me. Oh no! XD

Day 247

Day 248: Spending the afternoon this time despite my temper.

Day 248

Day 248: She touched her cake to feel its texture. XD

Day 248

Day 249: My baby enjoying her gift from her "ninang".

Day 249

Day 250: The morning after Christmas. She wanted to feel the Christmas Spirit with her apparel. XD

Day 250

Day 251: Opps! XD

Day 251

Day 252: Trying to reach the cap as mommy looks on.

Day 252

Day 252: Minutes before mommy gets dressed.

Day 252

Day 252: Its rare that I have my picture taking with my daughter but why not.

Day 252

Almost done with 2011... XD

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