Monday, June 24

Marien 365: Week 37 (Day 253 - 259)

Day 253: She starts to cry again as she's already hungry.

Day 253

Day 253: Another Family Portrait. XD

Day 253

Day 254: Having late lunch at Di Mark's in Vito Cruz. 

Day 254

Day 254: She hasn't slept yet.

Day 254

Day 254: Its almost 11:00pm, pitch-black, but I caught her trying to stand-up in the dark. Thank God, I got flash. 

Day 254

Day 255: Please do not disturb. Baby drinking milk. XD

Day 255

Day 256: Her first time to visit my home in Laguna. She's browsing at her tita's wedding album

Day 256

Day 256: Flipping through the pages.

Day 256

Day 257: With her lola in Laguna. You won't notice but both of them didn't have much sleep the night before.

Day 257

Day 257: Home sweet home at 2:26PM

Day 257

Day 258: Good Morning Manila!

Day 258

Day 259: Another moment me and my daughter would have. But please don't stare at my tummy. XD

Day 259

Week 38, up next. 

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