Thursday, June 27

FHM 100 Sexiest 2013: Marian Rivera spoils another grandslam

After all the votes have been cast and counted for, the time has come to crown this year's sexiest for FHM 2013. And unfortunately, its not Sam Pinto who got the top spot =(. 

After she graced on the cover of the Phenomenal FHM #150, Marian Rivera once again claimed the top spot for this year's FHM 100 Sexiest. This would make her the fourth FHM Covergirl after Katrina Halili, Angel Locsin and Sam Pinto to grab the top spot twice. She would also be the first to spoil two possible grand slam attempts by Katrina (2006-2007) and Sam (2011-2012). 

An a neck-to neck battle with former #1 Sam Pinto, Marian edged the former by more than a 100,000 votes through text, online and print. 

From FHM's Website

I'm sure all haters would cry their hearts out (I'm a semi =P) and her fans would scream for joy as she's FHM #1. 

Again, congratulations to Ms Marian and all those who supported her through thick and thin.

But wait, here's a rundown of the top ten FHM babes for the year. Wanna see some pictures, go here =P

1. Marian Rivera
2. Sam Pinto
3. Angel Locsin
4. Jennylyn Mercado
5. Cristine Reyes
6. Solenn Heussaff
7. Ellen Adarna
8. Anne Curtis
9. Jackie Rice 
10. Empress Shuck

See you at the party (I hope!)


  1. I agree with the list but mostly for the top 3. Marian and Sam are both sexy and glamorous.

  2. I still go for angel locsin.. :) every one is beautiful.. I'm not a fan of angel nor marian I just saw them both in personal and angel has a better body... (the question is what is sexy?)

  3. Ooops! She did it again. Haha She has always been rotted for that spot and i guess she will never be stepping down for few more top 100s on FHM. :)

  4. I was hoping for another Sam Pinto win but with Marian gracing the 150th cover of FHM she did increase her following.

  5. I love Marian Rivera and I'm glad she's on top again. She even outdid several Kapamilya stars. Now that's an achievement she and Dingdong must be proud of:)

  6. wow that a lot of sexy girls! another batch of sexy inspirations to remember that I needed to work on mine as well! haha

  7. Marian grabbed the top spot again! But I would love Angel Locsin to be on top.. :D

  8. All beautiful ladies in the list. Maintaining the top post is always the hardest thing to do since there will always be new entrants to the list or old entrants making a phenomenal comeback.

  9. These ladies are beautiful. Congratulations to Marian for the win but she looks a bit different here. I wonder if there is ever a photo on a glamour mag that is never retouched :D

  10. Strange though, I had Kaye Abad on my mind at the top spot :D

  11. they are all beautiful . and sexy is not bound by their physical attributes but also of their personalities ..

  12. I like the top 10, I got to take a picture with Solenn Heusaff before she was really tall and beautiful. I'd pick Sam Pinto over Marian Rivera though hehe
    -Wanderer Juan

  13. I'm not surprised that Marian bagged this title again. Her beauty truly deserves it. :) I voted for her.. so that's a glorious victory on my end.. hehe!

  14. I agree, Marian deserves to be the winner. But I pick Angel Locsin kasi, She is more appealing to me. Perhaps my eyes just go for morena beauty.

  15. I thought it's gonna be Sam Pinto...anyway congrats to the sexiest, Marian. - karenT

  16. I'm not a big fan of Marian, but I definitely agree that she deserves the top spot :)

  17. I wanted Sam Pinto to win, but I think Marian deserves it because she's got the abs! =)


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