Saturday, June 23

Il pranzo in ritardo con la famiglia a Capricciosa il giorno di un padre

When translated in English it means late lunch with family at Capricciosa on a father's day XD.

It was pretty much rainy that day when we went to Greenbelt to spend some quality time. Where to eat on a Father's Day? I let them share this place I went to a few months back and this time, my wife and baby would be with me.

Good thing the place wasn't packed with people as we were able to get a good spot and picked our food. While waiting, I did my usual picture taking of anything that fancies me. from its interiors to my wife and daughters expression. It makes me smile after taking their pictures. ^_^

Marien browsing through the menu.

For starters, we had their Pumpkin Soup (165 pesos, Piccolo). Having soup is a must for us whenever we eat out and for this one, we tried their version. The soup was rich and thick for my one year old daughter to enjoy.

Then for salad, I recommend their Smoked Salmon Salad (220 pesos, Piccolo). Compared to my last visit, its not that over powering with sourness and it has more crunch than before. I could have my stomach get easily filled by it. XD

My wife ordered the Pesto Penne with Grilled Chicken (195 pesos, Piccolo). This one tasted just right I was only able to get a bite.

Since were still hungry, I ordered their Seafood Risotto (575 pesos) This is one mean meal good for 2-3 hungry people. The servings of seafood is so generous that I always got one on each bite. The problem is that serving is so generous my wife and I had a hard time emptying the big plate.

What's for dessert? We had the Apple Ala Mode (230 pesos). This apple pie is so huge it can satisfy 2 people with sweet tooth. The scoop of vanilla ice cream (1 scoop is bigger than my fist) complements the warm apple pie. This is the second time I enjoyed it all by myself as my wife was already full XD.

Before settling our bill, I was able to take some more pictures to capture some happy moments after eating.

At the end of our late lunch, I would take my family back to Capricciosa for some Pizza and Pasta plus my favorite   XD

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