Friday, June 29

And the 2012 FHM Sexiest is...

The last time there was a back-to-back winner for FHM's 100 Sexiest was around 2006-2007. That was the time when Katrina Halili was on her prime (well she's still looks like she's on her prime until she got pregnant =P). And she would be the third FHM Babe to be the sexiest aside from Halili and Angel Locsin. She's no other than...

Sam Pinto!!!

She only bested Angel Locsin by just a little over hundred thousand votes that were casted via SMS, Online, and Print Ballot (out of 17 million votes cast). When she won the top spot last year, some eyebrows were raised as they say she's not sexy enough to be on the top spot. Well, she proved them wrong by redefining the meaning of the word sexy.

To complete the top 10 list, here you go (and some side comment XD). All of them have already graced the cover except for one =P

1. Sam Pinto

2. Angel Locsin
3. Solenn Heussaff
4. Cristine Reyes
5. Marian Rivera <-- I don't think she deserves this spot as she has still disappoint thousands of fans for not gracing the covers of FHM (well that's just me and I think others would feel the same).
6. Ellen Adarna
7. Jackie Rice
8. Bela Padilla
9. Jennylyn Mercado
10. Lovi Poe

I'm hoping someone would do a grandslam next year XD. 

Again! Congratulations to Sam!!! ^_^


  1. I like Sam Pinto as number 1 even when she won it last year as Marian and Angel does not really need this distinction anymore. Sam Pinto is the new kind of Sexy and she deserve to given a lot more break as an actress.

  2. Sam is gorgeous and she definitely deserve it! Anyway, it doesn't matter if other contenders rank number 2 or 3 or 4 ... They are all beautiful and sexy!

  3. Congratulations again to Sam Pinto!

  4. Sam is f***in' hot. No question needed. I love this blog, cause he knows what I want =)

  5. i have nothing against sam.. but waaaaa.. she is not my bet ahghahaha

  6. congrats to sam and everyone who's included in the top 10 :)

  7. Well, I am not up to date with who's who in the Philippine's sexy body. lol

    But Sam looks lovely. I'll work out hard to get that flat tummy, if I could! hahahah

  8. Congratz Sam... My crush DJ Jinri park landed on number 21

  9. i like the new issue w/Kaye abad . but no one can beat sam!!! well deserved

  10. I'm not really following FHM's list of sexiest women, but Sam definitely looks great in the photo above. :)

  11. Congrats to Sam for getting the top spot again this year! :D


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