Saturday, June 23

What I've learned from Wig Tysmans (My first Non-Print Day from Sir Jo Avila)

I had to skip work last Thursday just to be sure I'd be able to attend sir Jo's non-print day lecture series. In a nutshell, this is Sir Jo's way of helping his photography students to learn beyond the basics. I've missed some of the Non-Print Day session so I made sure to start right. XD

I got to Sir Jo's studio a little bit early so I would be able to get a god seat. Come dinner time, The Wig Tysmans has already arrived. After dinner, the lecture has started as Sir Jo introduced Mr Tysmans. Sir Jo used to be the second shooter for Wig and he assisted him in some of his project during his (Sir Jo) early years. Probably I don't know the work photography yet when it happened. XD

The Wig Tysmans by Sir Jo Avila

The first few images Wig has shown to us was his early works in environmental portraiture. Most of them were taken in the 1980's in Baguio which he uses ambient light. Most of his subjects were artists in Baguio and were taken using film.

Then showed to us some portraits in nude which most of them are in black and white (classic!). Then they were followed by his major works, commercial shoots up to corporate portraiture where clients prefer him as the photographer.

Some of the tips he shared to us includes:

1. Establish intimacy (connection) within 5 minutes. At least 80% of the work gets done if intimacy is well established.
2. Capitalize on the personality of the subject.
3. The photographer should be in control of the subject.

It was really enlightening on my end as I got to sit in together with fellow photographers.

I'm looking forward to attend the next non-print day lecture series. ^_^

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