Tuesday, April 3

Sizzling Covergirls for April

Before I do fasting and penance for April, I need to get my monthly dose of my magazines this April. What should I get? 

1. FHM: Michelle Madrigal: Now a three-time cover-girl, looking at the cover makes one want to quench-off with a tall glass of lemonade (a tall mug of beer for adults). My friend Arra Castro is also one of the FHM Babes inside the magazine.

2. Esquire Philippines' Bianca Gonzales: Now she's going sexy after posing for another men's magazine a few years back. A very active netizen, I'm sure her followers (including me) would storm out to the nearest bookstore to grab a copy.

3. Rogue's Solenn Heusaff: Magnum's Princess is also a three-time cover-girl for Rogue (I have yet to complete my set here).  If you notice that she's covered in a chocolate-like cloth holding an ice cream bar. It seems to me that her advertisement has been extended until here. 

4. Playboy Philippines' Wilma Doesnt: With my set complete (after acquiring May 2008 and September 2009), I may have the drive to complete my set until my daughter would inherit it XD. Its also their 4th anniversary issue with the title Embracing All Colors. I have yet to check what's inside.

I am wondering what's for UNO as I haven't heard from them for quite sometime now.

Do you think I need to do separate reviews for each magazine? Let me know. ^_^

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