Tuesday, April 3

MIAS 2012: Being better and smarter

Last Saturday, I made sure that my leave was filed a month ahead to make-up for my dismissal shoot on last year's MIAS. I still recall the misses I made last year as I wasn't able to cover everything there (except for Russ Swift's Drifting show which I usually miss anyway XD).

I arrived at past 11:30am and scouted the area a little bit. Though I got there a bit late, I wasted no time in taking photographs of cars in a different manner that I never took before. I was able to take at least a hundred shots within two hours.

By 2:00pm, I shifted to shooting the ones responsible for making carshows a success, the carshow models. I was able to take pictures of almost all of them (90%) while taking a look if some of my friends came to the event.

Even if I'm by my lonesome, I made sure to enjoy the event before calling it a day.

Pictures to follow soon. XD

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