Friday, July 29

A not so good party at Playboy Academy

Last Thursday, I got to go to Playboy Academy event at Excess Super Club in Timog. Actually, I am so hesitant in attending this event as I still remember the last Playboy event I attended in 2008 (I wasn't satisfied at that time) and I was looking forward for a lot of improvement. Since I've been seeing a lot of good photos from fellow photographer, I might as well give it a try again.

I got to the event at around 8:30pm after taking my wife and baby somewhere in Quezon City and back home. It was raining a bit and there were people falling in line and waiting for the entrance to open. My friend (who happens to have the ticket) came late but I didn't mind and we all got in. The place was a bit packed with people and were trying to get a good position to shoot.

Unfortunately, while the show started, so are the bouncers who keep on pushing us backward as the contestants (from different schools) need more space to move at. Even the hosts (Playmate Echo and Sky) also told us to move backward while we don't have anymore space to move at. I was suppose to have my magazine signed by covergirl Aubrey Miles.

There were times that I really enjoyed the show (mostly the lingerie show) as well as the performance of 3 hot women doing a sing and dance number (sorry I forgot their name). If you ask me, I was really DISAPPOINTED at the event though being with some friends just compensated the lack of excitement of the event. I left at around 1:00am and had coffee to chill-out and relax before going back home.

I am thinking if I would post pictures of the event or not. But probably I have to think about it a hundred times.

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