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The diferrence between a Hotdog and a Sausage (Late lunch at Size Matters).

 Taken from their Facebook Fanpage

Last Tuesday, I arrived at around 2:00pm hungry and almost drenched as it was raining heavily due to tropical storm Juaning. But it never dampen my spirit and my appetite to try their sausage burgers. I got this good deal from Ensogo which I paid only 165 pesos for a 330 peso food purchase (Last day for using the voucher was on the 27th of July). That was limited to a 32oz drink and a big sausage burger which intrigued me if my stomach would get full or not.

Their space is small on the inside

When I got to Size Matters, their place was really small that it could only cater to 6-8 customers at a time inside. They also have the alfresco area that could hold probably at least 10-12 people. I hand-over my voucher to one of the staff there as I am still thinking of what to order though I had a mental note on which food to try first.

Imported Beer: One day, I'll drink you all. XD

To begin with, Size Matters serve sausage burger that tastes different as it is very much different from your usual burger (hamburgers to start with).  Also, their sausage footlongs are not your usual footlongs (hotdogs in particular) as they are proud that theirs don't taste like others.

Size really matters here XD

Then I got my orders one by one. For the sides, I had Curly Fries (45 Pesos) and Jalapeño Cheese Spuds (70 Pesos) since their Onion Rings (65 Pesos) were not available as of the moment. The Curly Fries reminded me of Mc Donald's Twister Fries as it also tastes the same. Nothing special about the fries. But the Jalapeño Cheese Spuds is a different story. I like the burst of jalapeño inside a small hashbrown-like plus the gooeyness of cheese inside makes me savor every bite.

Jalapeño Cheese Spuds

 Curly Fries

Then, the main dish. I chose The half-pound Breakfast in Bed (B.I.B) Gourmet Burger (245 Pesos). It has two Hungarian sausage patties that sandwiched bacon and mozzarella cheese with mayo topped with farm fresh lettuce and tomatoes sandwiched between the oat bun. At the same time, they almost forgot my 36oz blue iced tea (85 Pesos) that I almost choked (joke!). Their breakfast in bed reminded me of Mc Donald's Sausage Mc Muffin but this one is way meaner than McDo's. Every bite meant so much I savored every minute of it. I think their half-pound burgers would be equal to 2 sausage mc muffins (in terms of size) and this made me like sausage in a foodie way.

Breakfast in Bed (B.I.B)

Taking a picture before it heads straight into my mouth for consumption XD

Blue Iced Tea (B.I.T.)

The mug is so big it look liked a pitcher XD

I shall return definitely and try their other half-pounder gourmet sausage burgers as well as their 12-in. footlongs plus taste some of their imported beer.


  1. a client brought me here.. and they said their son will franchise one.. the japapenos is great.. the sausage is great.. hahahha.. the buffalo wings is great. everything is great.. thanks for the share..

  2. I wonder how that blue Iced Tea tastes like. Does it taste like an ordinary iced tea? And ok fine, now Im craving for burger.... a sausage burger...

  3. Sausage, bacon ,egg ,jelly is one of our favorite breakfast. I usually make sausage biscuit or buy it ready ,just put it in the microwave. Sausage gravy,the best for breakfast. Hotdog sandwich is my youngest favorite.I surely want to try the food at Size Matters, they look delicious.

  4. suddenly I'm craving for burger hahaha

    I'm curious about their Jalapeño Cheese Spuds.. much like a mozzarella stick with a twist! :)

  5. I missed the opportunity to dine at this place back in September and I realized I shouldn't have. But at that time my schedule was in conflict. The food looks great! Suddenly craved for burgers

  6. I love this place. I've been here several times already and I got post in my blog also about this place. Their sausages are FTW!!

  7. Grabe! Size does matter nga!! Mukhang masarap din yung drinks nila!! Interesting yung jalapeno spuds..

  8. I like American foods and will consider dining here. Hubby will like the sausage too.

  9. Those Jalapeno cheese spuds look good! The blue ice tea looks weird though. Hehe.

  10. I like to try the BLUE ICED TEA and also their B.I.B too! Size really matters to me...hahahahaha....

  11. This is new to me. I wish somebody from Davao City will franchise it too so Davaeños will also get to taste Size Matter's Sausage Burgers =)

  12. Where is the exact location of this place? I wanna try the blue iced tea, all I know is brown, green and red.

  13. Their Jalapeño Cheese Spuds is the best. I was at their Shaw Blvd branch last week with bf to chillax.Certainly, blog post to follow. I think this one in QC is closed already. Maybe you might want to try their brand new branch :)

  14. Great post. Sometimes, people tend to call a hotdog a sausage and vice versa. Oh, I love those fries and cheese spuds.

  15. I have to agree to the guys above! Jalapeño Cheese Spuds look inviting. Great food pics by the way :)

  16. That was a lot! I don't think I can consume all that in one seating!

    Where is this located? The blue iced tea is intriguing :3

  17. I am also suddenly craving for burgers..Breakfast in Bed sounds like a good name for a burger


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