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Getting addicted to Groupons

Since I started purchasing things online around January of this year, I was wondering how a groupon really works. They say this craze has started since last year here in the Philippines. But, I was really hesitant in making a purchase online as I might get victimized by a scam of sorts. And after reading one of Anton Diaz's Article, I think there is nothing wrong in trying to do a purchase online since I got his limited planner from him.

Basically, Groupon (short for Group Coupon) basically allows you to purchase online at an unbelievable discount (from as low as 25% to as high as 95%) for a specific products and services with a specific period of time. The good thing here is that you could pay via depositing in banks aside from paying online.

Anyway, here are some Group Buying sites that I have registered at and bought from them. I hope I remember all of them since they sprout like mushroom these days XD. Just make sure to check each website as thoroughly as you can.


I first tried which was launched by Our Awesome Planet in collaboration with two other most trusted websites. Knowing that one of the pioneer blogger also takes care of the site, buyers would be assured that they would really have an awesome deal. 
Next on the list is MertoDeal. Its another group buying site that claims they're undisputed market leader in the Philippines' group buying industry and always selling the largest amount of deals (over 300,000 deals sold since launch), MetroDeal features the best deals on the best things to do, see, eat, and buy across the Philippines. I know because I bought 6 vouchers from them and their office is a few minutes away from our office.
Another on my list is Pakyaw. This is from The Magsaysay Group that takes this opportunity to give the buying public a chance to experience and enjoy many different products and services at very affordable prices. Pakyaw is a tagalog term for group buying. I bought 4 vouchers from them and used 3 already. 

Deal Grocer

Deal Grocer is one of my favorite group buying sites. Even if they do not give big discounts (they usually give 30-45% I think), they feature top-class restaurants at affordable prices. I actually purchased 2 vouchers from them and used both. Their head office is in HK by the way.


Another group buying side that has a catchy name would be cashcashpinoy. I bought 4 vouchers from them and I also highly trust them with their choice of establishments to partner with. And one of the good thing here is, it doesn't have a minimum number of buyers needed to make the purchase a go. Cool don't you think?


Ensogo Philippines is a groupon site (from a livingsocial company) that is based in Thailand. They also give out deals that are really hard to say NO to especially that I have 8 purchases from them (the most as of this date). Also they are the ones who conceptualized the idea of having bank deposit as the customer's payment term against earlier sites that do not have. Though one catch here is that you have to call the merchant for reservation to use the voucher (which I consider a plus/minus for me) for most of the establishments they're connected with. And they really live to their goal of "Let's Save Together" that I find it really real.


Buyanihan is another groupon website that is a pun on the word bayanihan (meaning unity through cooperative endeavor). Launched on August 2010, they feature everyday deals that gives out the best discount on hotels, restaurants among anything else. One catch here is that there should be a certain number of buyers to hit for the deal to be successful though.

Groupon Beeconomic

Groupon Beeconomic is one of the groupon sites that I am a bit disappointed at. Why? It doesn't have an option for OTC (Over the counter) bank payment, though they were able to hear my concerns on why they don't have an OTC payment option. They offer one of the best deals a buyer could get (but not for me as of the moment). 

Deal Dozen

This is one groupon that I'm looking forward to make a purchase at. this site some time soon. They cater to a more exclusive premium market and at the same time offers the best products. While most sites just promote deals online, Deal Dozen ensures its readers the full circle experience of the review as well as the service itself. With their new goldish layout, they may send a wrong impression that their deals are a bit pricey. I hope I'm wrong on my judgement. 

Well probably I would end my list for now but I know there are several more waiting to be discovered. I may do a part 2 for this one but I have to save enough money to try each and everyone of them. If you want to know more about these group buying websites you may click on their respective links and sign-up (its free). I wanted to but more but Its been almost two months since my last purchase as this gets really addicting (I hope my wife won't kill me if she finds out how much I spent already) XD.


  1. Never heard of Buyanihan, Awesome, and DealDozen. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. i have been spazzing a lot of things around internet already. but i'd say I'm just addicted looking at them but i never buy anything online or joined something like this…..

  3. It's good to know that great e-deals are now huge in the Philippines. I like the sound of Pakyaw! Will check 'em out later :)

  4. hahahhaa my siters are really hyped with all those good deal sites too!

  5. These sites are SO tempting to looked at! I always get notifications on my email and I try not to look at them sometimes, haha! But they offer great deals!

  6. talagang makakamura kapag PAKYAW kaysa TINGI-TINGI.
    thanks for sharing this.

  7. I had my share of group on ups and downs. But what I like about this is not really the deals but the advertisements they offer to businesses, big or small. It helps us get to know more companies. =)


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