Sunday, July 24

The week that was (July 17 - 23)

Sunday: Got up at around 9 or10am after getting that much needed rest and I still regret that I wasn't able to take my baby girl out. When I got up, I was able to do some errands for my wife before getting ready for work. I took the much faster LRT2-1 route and I got there in no time. Since I don't have the laptop with me, I won't be able to edit the photos that I took. By 3:00pm, I stepped-out of the office for a while and looked for something to eat as my colleague will do some errands of his own from 7:00pm onwards. Actually, there were no calls but I could have been more productive if I had the laptop with me to edit Migmig's pictures. I logged-off at past 11:00pm and got home an hour later.

Monday: I got up earlier than the previous 2 days. I got to take Migmig out even if the weather was quite warm. Then I took her back to her mom so I could watch WWE's Money in the Bank PPV (Pay per View). Then it was off to the office as I took the LRT 2-1 route and got to the office ahead of time. Work was quite abundant as I got to work them out one by one. For dinner, I got myself 2 39ers from Jollibee and a full soup from the soup kitchen at 50% discount. As I got back, I need to clear some more tickets before going home. My wife was still online when I got home. I went to bed early so I could fully recover.

Tuesday: I got up again early and took out Migmig for her vitamin d before taking her back to her mom. I did some more errands before going to work. I got almost late as I had to take a quick bitr from Wendy's in Buendia. At 2:00pm, we had our team meeting as we will be supporting our partners from the EMEA region. Then, it was back to work for us as we need to resolve those issues quickly. By dinner, I was hoping that I could avail of the 50% discount from The Soup Kitchen but after waiting fore 15 minutes, the kept the discount at 20%. Instead, I went to Insular Life building to have my lechon cebu meal from Chic-Boy and I was really stuffed when I got back in the office. Work was still steady as some of our fellow night-shifters came in one by one. I left the office at past 11:30pm and took the bus instead of hailing a cab so I could save money XD.

Wednesday: I got up early again and took Migmig out before taking her back to her mom. By 9:00am, we were busy getting ready to take Migmig to the hospital for her Rota-Virus vaccine drops. We left home at 11:30am and fortunately, we got a cab without waiting for a long time. When we got to her doctor, we were surprised that she was already next. While waiting, I took photos of Migmig and my wife together while our daughter is smiling almost all the time that she's in the hospital. At 3 months, she's already 5.6kg heavy and she was mistaken as a 6-month old baby. After her check-up, we went to Robinson's Galeria to have lunch there and look for some baptismal clothes as well as white clothes for us parents. We had our 1.5 hour lunch at Terriyaki Boy since that was the only place which was quiet. When we started to look for our clothes, I felt that my bag was getting heavier and heavier. We were able to but our daughter's baptismal dress and my wife's upper garment. We got to check some of the toys that we may buy for Migmig. My wife got surprised to find-out that most of the toys that we wanted costs more than a thousand pesos each. But I know these toys would help Migmig's skill improve much faster and its a matter of what toy to pick for her. We also bought a cake for Migmig since its her third month as well. We took a cab going home and got home in less than an hour. Then, we loosened-up as my wife went online. By night time, I tried Angel's Pizza-Pasta combo and I found it really good plus I used my VIP card. Good thing they enjoyed the additional food that I brought. I got to help my wife online as we take turns in taking care of Migmig. We slept probably at past midnight.

Thursday: I got up early again to take Migmig out then I took her back to her mom after feeding her as well. I got to edit some of the pictures that I took from last week's FHM event. Basically I just spent the entire day home which helped me save money and gave me time to recharge my spirit. It was warm in the afternoon as well so I turn on the aircon and made our room cool for our daughter to get some much needed sleep. Then I went out to get online for an hour in an internet shop nearby before going back home to assist y wife with her online work.

Friday: I got up at almost 8:00am and took Migmig out but she's not in the mood perhaps so we went back inside to feed her. After a few minutes, she spit out her milk because she took almost all of her fingers inside her mouth making her puke. I went back up to her mom so we could pacify her and put her back to sleep. When she fell asleep, I was able to edit more pictures for FHM's 100 Sexiest Party a few days back and somehow, I need to practice my editing skills as well as my color management to get the best results. I also did some errands before reporting to work. When my baby got up, she seems to be irritated again so her mom and lola gave her a bath and she felt better before I left. I got in the office ahead of time but I had to wait for my colleague to get back before I had lunch at Chic-Boy in Insular building. It was a filling lunch for me which helped me keep awake for work. I had a call from EMEA that took ma at least 30 minutes to resolve it. It was a simple password issue but with their accent, it took me a while though. I also need to create probably 10-15 tickets for APAC for new accounts in Singapore for their new employees. I logged-off a bit late since I need to finish some things in the office. When I got home. I prepared my things for the next day's event. 

Saturday: I got up early than usual and prepared early to take Migmig out before leaving home for Sir Jo's studio. But since Migmig was still sleeping, my wife told me to go. It took me at least an hour to Sir Jo's studio and they were watching Avatar on HD when I got there while waiting for the others (I'll make a separate blog for this one).I didn't stay long as I need to report for work even if its for half a day. But heavy traffic kept me from getting to the office on time plus I remembered that Ms Eula Valdes will be having her autograph signing at Robinson's Galeria. So instead of going home early, I took a side-trip at Robinson's. I had my magazine signed but one of the staff there doesn't seem to know how to use a DSLR which results in crappy shots of me and Ms Eula plus the bouncers ruining the fans' mojo. I didn't stay long there and went straight to the office. However, I got there at around 8:00pm plus there were some people who reported for Saturday as well which means, I simply declared myself unavailable. I just went online for 2 hours before leaving early. I took a cab since I felt very sleepy already. When I got home, Migmig was crying so I took her down and spend some time with her (as well as her titos and titas). I helped my wife for a while before calling it a day.

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