Friday, June 17

Events to attend this weekend

It really sucks that you have to work either on Saturdays or Sundays (For July, its both XD). Hoping I could maximize my weekends despite my work schedule. Anyway, here are some events that you can attend to this coming weekend. 

1. Toycon 2011: Being present at Toycon for the past few years, I hope I would see new cosplayers as well as new toys to shoot at XD. If budget permits, I would buy a toy for my little girl as a souvenir.

Taken from Google

2. Manila Food and Beverage Expo 2011 (MAFBEX): Another food expo that I hope I could go to. The event already began since Wednesday and we only have 2 more days to go.

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3. 16th Graphic Expo together with 2nd Photo-Video Expo 2011: I find my first experience here a bit boring. But since its closest to WTC, I might consider this given the time and resources. But I have to resist temptation of buying accessories for my camera first XD.

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4. Spark 2011 and Photographer's Ball 2011: I recall how much I've learned from attending last year's PhPhoto EB. And I'm looking forward to learn more XD.

Taken from PhPhoto's Website

5. The Wedding Summit 2011: I recall that my wife and I have attended almost all wedding fairs last 2009. It's least likely I'll be attending but who knows XD.

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6. Canon Hidalgomez Photowalk: I have registered for this event since last week and I won't pass up on this event even if its a Sunday XD.

Taken from Canon's Facebook Fanpage

Well take your pick for this weekend XD

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