Thursday, June 16

Swabeng Food Trip: Hippie Lunch at Hyphy

Last Monday before I paid the bill, I had lunch at Hyphy's located in Robinson's Galeria at The Veranda. In a nutshell, Hyphy's is a restaurant that serves Filipino-San Francisco comfort food which is owned by Chef Bruce Lim. He was raised in San Francisco which made him share his culinary expertise and by incorporating Pinoy Food and the ones from San Francisco, each dish would be a different experience altogether. 

I got there just in time for lunch. Thanks to Deal Grocer's voucher, I got a discount but I'll put into that later XD.

The place wasn't filled with people despite lunch time. They could have this impression that they serve expensive food (which was my initial reaction a few weeks back). The place was different among the restaurants that I've been to the fact that I saw several skateboard-like planks on one of their wall. When one of the staff handed me the menu, I was surprised that their selection were affordable.

Now on the menu. First, I ordered their Clam Chowder Sourdough Bread (170 pesos). Its reasonably priced plus the soup was creamy and thick. I got to let the clam and the potato linger in my mouth before swallowing it. This would be the third restaurant (aside from French Baker and The Soup Kitchen) that I've tried clam chowder on bread bowl. The bread bowl was quite big and thicker than the ones I've tried before plus Chef Bruce made these breads himself. But one thing I noticed on the bread bowl is that it was burnt on the outside which made it less appealing (to me). Still, this would probably make a complete meal on a rainy day.

Next was the Sisig Pasta (170 pesos).Before ordering this, I was torn between Malunggay Pesto (150 Pesos), Baked Macaroni (150 pesos), Kalderetang Pasta (250 pesos), and Clam Pasta (270 pesos). With these options, I went for the most unique which was the Sisig Pasta. The waiter told me that the pasta will be a little bit spicy and I didn't mind. When they served the pasta, it had "siling labuyo" and slices of "siling haba" on it. I set them aside and tried the pasta first. True to what the waiter said, the pasta was spicy which there's no need for me to include the "sili" XD. The pasta was also creamy which made me drink lots of water XD. For me, this is a must try.

Last but not the least, The Tablea Chocolate Torte (150 pesos) for dessert. Its a flour-less, ganache type of cake that uses Batangas tablea as its main ingredient. The dessert was heavenly sinful as I made sure I licked my plate clean XD. But this creamy cake is not recommended for those who are on a diet as you won't stop licking your plate clean.

Though I wasn't able to try most of their best sellers, the one that I chose just matched them anyway. We would come back sometime soon to try out other dishes as well.

Coffee is on the house btw. XD


  1. i've tries mushroom as well many times in KL malaysia served in bread as well!! it was heaven!! the sisig pasta is must for me to try then since i love very spicy foods!! xx

  2. That pasta looks really interesting, i love spicy food so i'll give it a try for sure!

  3. malapit lang ako sa gale hahaha pero di ko pa to nakikita sa labas ba to.. anyway... will try it one of this days.. pero expensive nga sya hahaha

  4. Sisig pasta is very new to me. Looks appetizing!

    Rizza (beingwell)

  5. hmmm... a Batangas tablea cake torte, that caught my attention heheh... the menu is quite interesting like Malunggay pesto I like to try that one.

  6. The Tablea Chocolate Torte looks really good. I want to try it some time. =)

  7. i wonder how my taste buds accepts the sisig pasta!

  8. The tablea chocolate torte looks good! And WOW for the sisig pasta. Hope it tastes good too.

    Hefty Foodie: Random Food Trips with Close Friends

  9. Sisig Pasta?!?! Bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ganyan pala!?
    Hahaha! But I wanna know what you think, is this better than sisig with rice?

    BTW, natatawa pa din ako sa warning page for adult content ng blog mo. Ikaw pa lang kilala ko may ganun. :))


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