Monday, June 21

My first Phphoto EB experience (with photo-video expo on the side)

I wasn't able to complete my whole day stay in Makati for the OTS photo contest because I have to go to SMX to attend the Phphoto EB. Even weeks before I was able to register to this event. But since I Heart Makati photo contest came into the picture, I have to find a way to attend both events. And so I have to leave Makati at 1:00pm to go straight to SMX.

When I got there, I was a little bit surprised because there were a lot of people who attended (they only expect a hundred but thrice the number of people came) plus that day was the last day of the photo-video expo in the same venue. The registration was quite long and the t-shirt that I had was quite small (Large) for my size (I use XXL). I had to look for a decent spot i the crowd so I would be able to hear the speakers loud and clear.

I had a good spot which somehow I can hear the speaker loud and clear but I'm at least 10-15 feet away from them. Also, their talk only lasts for exactly 5 minutes. Five minutes is too little for me to absorb what the speaker says but I had to be contented at that since it was a free event. There were at least 10-15 speakers who shared their thought and insights on photography to us despite their hectic schedules.

That day was really fun and I've learned from the speakers somehow. Till the next PhPhoto EB. XD

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