Tuesday, May 17

My First Full Throttle Experience

At first, I was a bit hesitant whether or not to go to A. Venue to attend this event last Saturday since my feet were already killing me plus my stomach was full from the IFEX event that I had attended earlier that day. Anyway, I still proceed but didn't expect much from it since my initial impression was it's just a Motorcycle show.

When I got there at 4:00pm, I checked on the place. It was packed with people, bikers and non-bikers. photographers and non-photographers as well as those who were really curious with the event. Security was tight (as tight as Dutdutan) as I almost failed to get in because I was wearing sandals that time. Good thing the head of security allowed me to get in. After being frisked, I was able to get in. It was like Dutdutan but with more bikes instead of tattoo. There weren't much people inside which means I was able to roam inside A Venue without much problem. My friend arrived shortly as there were bands playing on-stage.

I got to take some good shots of what's going on at the event but I had to leave early as my wife and baby were already waiting for me at this point.

Pictures (and updates) to follow soon XD.

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