Tuesday, May 17

The IFEX Experience

Last Saturday, I went to SMX Convention Center to Attend the 8th International Food Exhibition. Its a food exhibit which prior to attending, I have no idea how would I enjoy the event. But one thing I did right was to go there on an empty stomach XD.

I got there around 11:00am and they got the entire hall on the ground floor for this event. When I got inside, I was a bit clueless on where to begin but my instincts tell me to look for something to eat. But before that, let me tell you something about the event first.

IFEX (or International Food Exhibition) showcase products from various regions not just here locally but also other retailers outside the country. It is a good venue to introduce new food products and food concepts to investors both here and abroad as they try to convince then (investors) to invest on their products. It also provides not just business opportunities to small and medium entrepreneurs but also an opportunity to have their products known globally as well. The event celebrates the flavors of the world and unlock an exciting array of food that caters to your palate. 

I noticed that most of the food exhibitors (among the 450) locally and from abroad were selling tuna or bangus products in the form of hotdogs, siomai, embotido, among others. They almost taste the same but for me, the ones who uses the freshest products appeal to me the most. Also, I got to sample other products like wine, nuts and chips, and sweets.

I also couldn't help it but to pass by one of Korea's booth almost during my entire stay, giving out samples of sliced ice cream sandwiches and ice cream bars that was really refreshing and at the same time kept me full.

Probably, I stayed there for almost 4 hours satisfying my hunger for food and for knowledge on food products among other things. Plus I only pay the entrance fee so go figure XD.

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