Tuesday, May 17

The week that was (May 8 - 14)

Sunday: I got up early as I went downstairs together with Migmig to get her daily dose of sunshine. But the weather was a bit gloomy so we went back in and I prepared my stuff for work (laptop + camera). I left home at almost 11:00am to go to Mercato Centrale to claim my goodies from Baked by Anita (I'll create a separate blog for this). It was drizzling when I left home and got to Mercato almost an hour and a half later. At 1:30pm, I was able to log-in to the office and set-up my laptop so I could edit some pictures that has been in my drive for almost a year. Good thing I bought two burgers from Mercato and they fill my tummy fast and gave me more than enough energy to almost last the entire shift. By 3:00pm, I was all alone as my other colleague reported that he won't be able to report for work today but as long as I have my music with me, I'm always at company XD. I got to edit almost a hundred pictures but I could have done more since I got distracted watching the PBA finals from live stream. At 11:00pm, I was too sleepy and too tired so I took a cab going home and I got there in less than 30 minutes. My baby was still sleeping as my wife waits for me. 

Monday: I got up late at 8:30am as my body felt heavy from lack of sleep for the past couple of nights. Then my wife told me to carry Migmig while she needs to rest which I obliged. It was really fun carrying her and trying to make her sleep as I keep on looking on the time. I left home at past 12:00pm but got in the office just early before my shift started. We were able to do some tickets and monitor some of the servers before doing some blog hopping. I got tempted to buy online again but this time from DealGrocer and I tried it. Work was quite steady before we left the office. It was also raining when I went home but it was not as heavy as expected. I got home at past midnight as my wife and daughter were sleeping when I got home.

Tuesday: To my surprise, I got up as early as 5:00am even if I slept at almost 1:00am. I took the laptop out of the bag and set it up downstairs and went online. Then I went to BPI in Legarda to settle my payment at DealGrocer for my voucher at Ristras. This would be my fourth purchase online and I hope I would be able to use it right away. I prepared early for work even if I know that I'll be sleepy by 4:00pm onwards. I took the LRT2-1 route going to the office then I passed by Wendy's to grab a cup of frosty. Then while aboard on a bus, I saw someone offering a cellphone to one of the passengers there. The person offering the phone doesn't seen to be decent as he was only dressed in street clothes. To my suspicion, he is selling stolen cellphone units. Good thing that passenger didn't bite in. When I got to the office, I rested for a while before going to SM Makati to buy some diapers for my baby girl. I felt sleepy while looking for her diapers as it took me almost an hour to buy it. Then, by dinner, I left the office at 6:30pm and again, took me an hour to buy my dinner as I got myself buffalo wings with rice plus two soups which really made me full after finishing all of them XD.Work was so light that I didn't notice the it was already time to go home. Thank God it only took me an hour to get back home even if traffic was heavy. My daughter was crying because her diaper was full with poop so my wife and I changed it then we switched on the air-con to see if it still works even if the back portion got wet from the rain. We were able to sleep soundly for the night.

Wednesday: I got up at exactly 7:00am as the sun was already shining up. I took Migmig for her daily dose of sunshine as my wife keeps on reminding me to wake-up and I did. She was sleeping while both of us bask under the sun for our daily dose of Vitamin D XD. Then we went back and I went online for an hour before giving her a bath. Then, it was my turn to get a bath before reporting for work. Before, I give myself an hour or two for traveling to work.But now, I have to give myself a three-hour travel time going to work. Its like commuting from San Pedro to Manila since traffic during lunch time is even more unpredictable. One reason why I left home early is to buy my baby her diapers since the supply at home is almost running out. I went to look at Landmark but to no avail before heading to SM Makati as it took me an hour to buy her what she needs. Then its back to work for me once I got back in the office. I was the only one in the office for a certain period of time as my colleague went out to attend some personal matters of his own which I don't mind. After shift, I went home early but I need to pee so I took a quick stop to pee before finally going home XD.

Thursday: I got up at past 7:00am and took Migmig out for her daily sunshine. Then we went back in as I have to prepare for work early as I'll be meeting my mom at Harrison Plaza. I left home at 10:30am and got there 45 minutes later. I was looking at the infant section again to look for additional blankets and comforter for my little girl when my mom arrived. We were able to buy two more baby blankets for her. My mom offered to treat me for lunch but I refused since I had to make myself hungry for my lunch later at Kitch's Cafe (I'll be creating a separate post for this). I left Harrison Plaza at 11:30am and went to the office right away. I got there at 1:00pm and took a few minutes rest before going to Kitch's Cafe. I spent the next hour to two hours enjoying my lunch before I went back to the office.Once I got back in the office, it was all systems go for me again. After my shift, I went home right away that I took a cab and in no time, I was already home.

Friday: I got up at around 7:00am again and took Migmig out for sunshine. Then we went back upstairs and I took a 2-hour nap since I still feel sleepy and a little bit dizzy from lack of sleep these past few days. At around lunchtime, I went to Mang Inasal to have lunch there. Afterwards, I went to Llanas to do some groceries before heading home. Since its still early, I went upstairs again to get another nap before my wife and my daughter went upstairs too since its too hot in the living room.I checked on the clock and it was almost 4:00pm. I rushed a bit since I need to go to Robinson's Galeria to attend the FHM Autograph Signing of Ms Rich Asuncion (Covergirl for May). It didn't took me that long to get there. After the event, I joined my good friends at the food court having dinner (I ate already XD). We parted ways but I had to settle my Internet bill at Sun. I noticed that their sales office has improved a lot. Even their service was way faster than before. I strolled around to be able to grab myself a blizzard from dairy queen before finally going home. I got home an hour later and my baby girl was sleeping soundly. I loosened up a bit before going to bed too.

Saturday: I got up at around 7:00am and took Migmig out for her sunshine but the sun didn't stay that long and hide under the clouds again. I went online for a while before attending two events today (I'll be blogging them later or sometime soon XD). Good thing my wife approved my day-off enjoying but she told me to go home early. I went to SMX first to attend the International Food Exhibition then. Later in the afternoon, I took a bus going to Ayala Avenue before taking a cab to A Venue to attend the Full Throttle Rock and Ride. I didn't stay long there as I know my wife will get dead worried about me. I took a quick snack outside before taking a cab home. I got home in no time (probably 7:45pm) as my wife and daughter were both awake. I got to carry her even if I felt a bit tipsy with all the alcohol that I took. Still, I was able to get back to my senses and be a dad to Migmig. We enjoyed the rest of the night before all of us went to bed. 

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