Tuesday, May 17

Humongous Burrito at Ristras

After taking my wife and daughter to the hospital yesterday, we took a cab going to an unknown place within Wilson Street in Greenhills. I just relied on the map that I got from Deal Grocer's website on where Ristras is located.This would also be the first time I'll do a purchase that I bought from a Groupon Website.

We got there after probably 10-15 minutes from the hospital and there were no people yet when we got in. We looked for a couch so we could put Migmig there while my wife and I have our hearty snack. Then I went towards the counter to hand-off my voucher for a 675-peso meal for two that I paid for only 450 pesos. That would be inclusive of (aside from VAT and SC):

  • Choice of one (1) Burrito, Taco OR Tostadas (I chose Burrito)
  • Choice of one (1) Ball Park Nachos OR Nine-Layer Dip Nachos (I chose Nine-Layer Dip Nachos)
  • Choice of two (2) Canned Sodas (No choice here but 2 cans of Coke XD)

The staff over the counter gave me a lot of choices on how I would like my Burrito to be done. Knowing my wife (who is not much fond of Mexican food), she let me decide what to get for us. I know she doesn't like her food too spicy and I know what to order from here.

This is how they do the Wet Burrito. XD

The Burrito that I ordered includes Cilantro-lime Rice on one-half and Chorizo Brown Rice on the other. For the beans, I had a combination of Pinto and Vegetarian Black Beans. For the meat, I got a combination of Barbacoa (shredded beef, slow-braised with chipotle adobo, cumin, cloves, garlic, and oregano) and Carnitas (naturally raised pork, seasoned with thyme, bay leaves, orange juice and freshly cracked black pepper, seared then braised for hours), something that is new to my taste. For the other ingredients (Corn Salsa, Guacamole, Cheese, Sour Cream and Romaine Lettuce), I told them to mix everything up but make it less spicy. I think our salsa was the mildest one (Pico de Gallo) to make my wife eat more. I added 90 pesos to make my burrito a wet one but I felt that the additional cheese on my burrito wasn't enough.

This Burrito is good for 2-3 people XD.

By looking at it, it is indeed good for 2-3 person. If I would it it by myself, I should be starving first for me to take it all down.

A closer look at the big burrito. XD

While taking down our burrito, We also had Nine-Layer Dip and Nachos since the Ball Park Nachos were not available at this time. To be honest, both me and my wife were full from the burrito so we had to take-out the nachos so our folks from home could try as well.

Nine-Layer Dip and Nachos

Both tasted good and really filling as its really meant for sharing between two or more hungry people. I'm looking forward to go back to try other Mexican favorites here and I might attempt to finish a 2.5kg Buritto (aka join the Godzilla Challenge).


  1. Kulang sa akin yan. LOL. Pero yeah, kumakain kami minsan dyan and its DABEST!

    Magkano score mo sa groupon mo na yun?

  2. Earl: 450 lang para sa 675 worth of food. Nakalagay naman sa post. XD


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