Monday, March 14

The week that was (March 6 - 12)

Sunday: I got up at 5:00am to make sure that I was able to make myself sleep in the afternoon. I went online but I stayed only until 7:00am to do other chores like doing my laundry and fixing my things for work tonight. After doing the laundry, I did a little grocery for myself as I am still getting used to the glasses I've got last Saturday. I was able to maximize my time before attending mass with my wife. I slept at around 1:30pm and got up 6 hours later and got myself ready for work.

Monday: I got two calls as Monday struck but I was able to have both of them resolved. I got to check out other stuff and watched some previous TV documentaries on the 2 new websites I've discovered.Then after shift, I was able to leave the office early and go to harrison plaza to meet my mom. After that, I went to Intramuros to have breakfast there. I noticed that my eyes were not yet used to the new glasses I'm wearing. probably I need to use it more often. When I got home, my wife was already awake and getting ready for work herself. After taking her to work I went online for a few more minutes before going to bed. I think I fell asleep as early as 11:30am and got up 8 hours later.

Tuesday: I got 3 calls, only 1 was valid since the 2 was just inquiries looking for a US tech. I was able to keep myself busy with some blog-hoping and updating it as well. Good thing my entire shift ended with a breeze as I was able to go home early for the first time in a long while on a Tuesday morning XD.I had to stop by at 7-11 to grab something to eat. I got home early and went online, Then commotion occurred within our baranggay as I need to help my brother-in-law with his merchandise. Good thing we were able to recover all of them and they had to stay home for the day. After taking my wife to the LRT, I went online again for a few more minutes before going to sleep. I was able to doze-off at past 12:00pm and got up a few hours later. Good thing my fellow colleague was already here which allows our team to do more work and more play. XD   

Wednesday: As we transitioned to Ash Wednesday, work was quite steady as we got some calls and mostly emails from our US clients. I was even able to update some of my entries as well make new ones. Then for lunch (breakfast actually), I had only rolled oats since I am abstaining from meat for the day. We were supposed to go home early but we got two more calls hence, we left the office 30 minutes after our shift ends. I got hungry again but instead of having my usual breakfast, I had bread instead. I got home an hour later and my wife was still sleeping. I went beside her to wake her up and checked her tummy to see if the baby is moving. And she was moving to my delight. I got to observe our baby's movement and talked to her while my wife looked on and smiled at me. We weren't able to attend the mass for the day since there were no schedules available during that time. I was able to sleep at past 12:00pm and got up 8 hours later. For breakfast (dinner actually), I had scrambled eggs and prepared packed-lunch for myself. I left home at almost 9:00pm and got in the office an hour and seven minutes later. 

Thursday: Work was quite OK as they gave the phone to us during their lunchtime. We were able to do our call-outs for our clients as well. After shift, I went home right away since I wanted to see my wife and our baby move from her tummy. But apparently she was already in the bathroom preparing for work. Then I took my wife to the LRT for her ride before going back home. I went back online again for a few more hours before finally going to bed. It took me a while before getting myself to sleep for some reason or another. Probably I was able to doze-off at past 2:00pm and got up 6 hours later. When I got to the office, my other colleagues were still in a call since the US team were on a meeting. We had to cover for them until 11:30pm before they got the phone back to them.

Friday: Good thing work was a bit lighter during lunchtime for the US team even if they only have the phones with them for an hour after their meeting. I was able to do call-outs again to some of our US clients. I got hungry all of a sudden so I tried Adobo Connection at the Dela Rosa Car Park near our office. After our shift, my way was to EDSA since I'll be going home to San Pedro for a few hours. I wanted to have a 6" sub for breakfast, to my surprise, Subway was closed even at past 7:30am. I had 2 siopaos and a shawarma to go as I chow it down while on-board a bus going to Pacita. Then I got back to Pacita an hour and 30 minutes later. My dad was there but he was going home in Batangas and told me to talk to my mom since there were some issues regarding our house (I'd rather not disclose full details). I told my mom about it and she told me everything was cleared a long time ago which gave me a sigh of relief. I got to sleep for only 3 hours that helped me get energized. Then I opened the TV to entertain myself until I saw the news on a tsunami that hit Japan badly by surprise.My wife came home shortly after work and we were able to spend quality time together before hitting the bed at 10:30pm.

Saturday: I got up at around 3:00am but got out of my bed at almost 4:00am. I went online to check the latest news on the disaster that struck Japan and how it impacted them. Thank God we were spared here in Manila for now. I got to update my blog as well as check out other blogs for inspiration. My wife got up early and reminded me that we will be going to Avenida that day to look for baby items (crib, stroller, etc). We went to Corona in Recto to accompany my wife with her errands. Then we proceed to Avenida where my wife wants to check out some baby items there. Once I saw the items on display, I was dismayed not only the quality of the items were low but there were few options to choose from as well. That's what you get when looking at cheap stores =P. My wife wasn't also satisfied with what she saw as well so off to Isetann in Recto we go. When we got there, we head off to the infants section and we were able to find the things that we need. After we got convinced by the salesman with the baby crib he offered, we bought it for about 3,900 pesos. Almost half the price we saw at SM Megamall. We were able to check out other items for our upcoming baby and we will be going back there sometime soon. Then we went back home to have a quick lunch before going to Sir Jo Avila's studio to attend his lecture on Basic Color Management and Guerrilla Shooting Techniques. I was able to update my notes and I was able to do it successfully. After the lecture, I went home right away but I passed by SM Centerpoint to get some groceries for my needs. By 7:00pm, I'm already home and very sleepy. As I went upstairs, my wife was going online from our bedroom as I lay down and didn't notice that I've already slept XD. 

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