Friday, March 11

Shocking Tsunami in Japan

I was thinking twice if I should write something about it but since it may affect our country because were just 1 hour away from Japan, I'll post. 

Around past 1:00pm, an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.9 hit in Japan followed by a powerful tsunami hitting the north eastern coast of Sendai. As I was watching the news live, I couldn't imagine what will happen if a tsunami that strong hits here. Probably all of those in the low lands will be wiped out resulting to loss of life and property. 

Meanwhile, here in the Philippines, The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has raised the Tsunami alert to Level 2 , hours after an 8.9-magnitude quake hit Northern Japan. People from the coastal areas should evacuate and be more careful (those areas marked in RED).

Taken from Google via GMA News Website

I hope everyone stays safe there in Japan despite there were more than 32 lives lost. 

More news can be found here, here, and here 

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  1. After a few hours, hundreds were confirmed dead in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai, the city in Miyagi prefecture, or state, closest to the epicenter. Another 178 were confirmed killed, with 584 missing. Police also said 947 people were injured.

    More news here:


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