Wednesday, March 9

Ash Wednesday 2011

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Today marks Ash Wednesday in the Roman Catholic Church which officially starts the Lenten season for 2011. This is also a preparation for the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday.

Most people (Catholics and Devout Catholics) all over the world would observe this day through fasting and abstinence as a form of penance. Catholics ranging from 18 to 60 were highly encouraged to abstain from eating meat for a day. They can eat 1 complete meal and 2 small meals throughout the day.

During Mass, ashes were distributed by priests by putting it on someone's forehead as a symbol of humility. We should also repent and look back in our lives that we are living right now.  

For me, aside from abstaining myself from eating meat the whole day, I won't be online when I get home as a part of my sacrifice and penance. 

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