Monday, March 7

The week that was (February 27 - March 5)

Sunday: I got up at 3:30am since I'll be preparing for my first prison riot experience with Jo Avila (I'll create a separate blog about this). I left home at 5:00am and got to our meeting place 15 minutes later. By 6:00am, our group left for Petron in SLEX for a quick breakfast before heading straight to Casa San Pablo. Then I got back home at around 7:00pm since traffic was a bit heavy in Manila. I went upstairs and my wife was online at my spot. I was supposed to have dinner but I am too tired to even move and as early as 7:30pm, I was snoozing already XD.

Monday: I was up as early as 4:00am since I got more than enough sleep that I need. Then I proceed to do some stuff online as I catch up on some blogging and other personal stuff.. My stomach was grumbling as I haven't ate since 7:30pm the previous night. Good thing my mom-in-law cooked some breakfast as well as my wife left some pork chop from the previous night's dinner. Then I went to my mom since she told me she got something for me and my wife. I did some additional groceries to keep our stock plenty. After almost 2 hours, I cam back home and my wife was still sleeping. I went online for a few more minutes as I also read the Sunday's paper. After taking my wife to the LRT for work, I went back home and tried to make myself sleepy only to realize I've probably lost it. I went out at 2:00pm to have some snack since probably I can't sleep due to hunger. After 2 more hours, I went downstairs to go online for a few more minutes to make myself sleepy. I got 2 hours of sleep probably as my eyes were feeling tired and wanted to shut more. I prepared myself for work even with only 2 hours of sleep. To my surprise, we haven't got our paycheck yet as I travel to work. I got early but I'm not in a good mood to work since I haven't got my 7-hour sleep.

Tuesday: The effect of lack of sleep was felt at the most during the US teams lunch hour as I am having problems concentrating. After US hours, I got 4 more calls, 3 of which were through our voice mail. I got all of them and probably I left the office at 8:00am but I haven't felt drained yet since my colleagues in the morning shift were already here. I took a quick stop at Tropical Hut to have breakfast there since I got hungry along the way. I got home at around 9:15am and my wife was already awake, having breakfast. Though sleepy, I had to take my wife to the LRT for her ride before going back and getting myself really sleepy. I was even to read some paper before shutting my eyes before 12:00pm. I got up at 7:30pm after probably falling asleep at even before 12:00pm. I felt much better after getting our salary already. I was able to report early for work as well as do some tickets ahead of time.

Wednesday: Work was quite steady but my call took me more than 30 minutes and it was still unresolved.I was able to update my blog as well as some personal stuff but for the past few days, I haven't been myself lately. Its like my focus is not 100% on things that I should be doing as well as I get preoccupied easily in recent weeks. My focus on my helpdesk tasks was probably at 75% as I wasn't able to finish some tasks since I'm not in a mojo XD. I left the office early since we didn't have any calls from 6:00am-7:00am. I went to our bank to do some transactions as well as look for something to eat. I checked Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe and got some bread for me to eat as I travel back home. My wife was still sleeping when I got home at around 8:30am. I went online again as I waited for my wife to get ready for work. As we passed by the LRT station, I saw Julia Clarete and Daiana Menezes doing their segments for Eat Bulaga. Then I went back home to get myself sleepy and head upstairs to go to bed. I got up at 7:45pm and prepared myself for work but I got late again by 10 minutes so I hurried up setting my workstation and got myself ready for work.

Thursday: Work was quite steady since we got several calls and some of there were queries looking for our US Helpdesk counterpart. After their lunch hours, we were able to do some more emails and time for things to do while they're at work. I got to find a good read like this one. This would probably make me pay more attention back in getting the groove in photography. I got to discover 2 more websites that would allow me to watch some TV programs that I have missed because of work XD. Probably, I'll blog about it sometime soon as I need to clear my draft box and update my posts that needs to be updated. After our shift, we were supposed to go home early but our OIC called us to give us some updates that the call took almost 30 minutes. I went to Enterprise Center to grab something to eat before going home. It took me an hour and a half before I got home. My wife was still sleeping when I got home so I tried to woke her up but she woke up after 30 minutes so I went online while waiting for her to get ready for work. After taking her to the LRT, I went back home to get myself to sleep. But I had to read some papers for me to be able to fall asleep easily. I got up at almost 8:00pm feeling a little bit cold but I was able to fight it as I prepared myself for work. Good thing I arrived a minute before my shift started. My colleague arrived a few minutes after and we started to work some tickets to make sure we don't get piled-up.

Friday: They passed the phones to us at 1:20am and we didn't got much calls. But what made us busy were the installations that we need to finish. There is one installation that took me a while just to reach the user but I was unable to do that. My manager even called my attention as why I haven't finished my installation yet. I told him I haven't reached the user yet and he told me to remote the user's PC even without the user's permission. He guided me through the installation process and we were able to complete it in less than 30 minutes. After our shift, I went home via taxi and the one that I got has an updated meter which means I paid for 150pesos instead of the usual 100-120 pesos as I've done several times now. To my surprise, my wife was already up even before 8:00am. I went up to bed to get some few minutes and had quality time with my wife. Then at 9:00am, both of us prepared to go to The Medical City to have my wife checked by her doctor. We took a bumpy bus ride going there and it took us at least 45 minutes to an hour before reaching there. Then we head to Mary Grace Cafe at Rockwell Center just beside the hospital to have brunch (I'll be creating a separate blog for this). After our brunch, we head to the Women' Health Center of the hospital to have my wife scanned again to see our baby. After waiting for at least an hour, it was her turn. Unfortunately, our baby is not in the mood to cooperate so we weren't able to see her pictures clearly as the face was covered again. Then we went to her doctor for her check-up. The check-up didn't take that long as she reminded her of some things and made sure she would be able to go back in 2 weeks. She even asked us to go back to have one more round of the 3D/4D ultrasound to see if the baby would cooperate. After her check-up, we went to CBTL to try their fruit tea since I have the coupon to use for the month. She didn't liked the one she tried so she gave that one to me having the other one since they only had 2 choices for that promo. Then we went back to the women' heath center to have my wife scanned for the last time, hoping we could see our baby clearly. But still she didn't cooperate =(. Instead, our baby used her legs to cover her face only showing her nose and lips in the process. Probably almost all Ob doctor's there tried but to no avail. Probably our baby will be a photographer like me someday XD. Then we went home right away since I'm more than 20 hours awake with my vision becoming blurry as the minutes passed by. We got home at 6:30pm as I hurried upstairs and went to sleep.

Saturday: I got up as early as 2:00am since I slept at 6:30pm he previous night. I wanted to get some more sleep since I'll be attending Jo Avila's Basic Post Processing lecture as my refresher but instead, I went downstairs and went online to catch-up. I was trying to look for the group of cds I saved in the past containing our honeymoon pictures but I was able to find it after a few hours (probably by 7:00am). At 8:30am, I prepared myself for the day since I need to have my eyes checked and attend the refresher seminar to add something in my notes. I went to SM Megamall first to have my eyes checked and have my glasses upgraded (I'll create a separate post about it). I also got 2 new magazines to add to my collection before having lunch at Peri-Peri to try their grilled chicken. I liked my lunch especially with their soups and drink all-you-can at only 49 pesos. If it wasn't for the refresher course I had to attend, I could have stayed the entire afternoon there XD. Then I went to the Sir Jo's Studio for my refresher in Basic Post Processing but it took me 15 minutes more to get there as I walk almost all the way from near Cubao. After the lecture, I went back to SM Megamall but I had to check-out Edsa Shangrila Mall to have a change in scenery and environment. I was able to check some of the restaurants I want to go to after my wife gave birth before heading to SM Megamall to claim my glasses. After that, I got home at almost 9:00pm but still I have enough energy to watch TV and spend more time with my wife before finally calling it a day.

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