Saturday, March 5

Our Brunch at Cafe Mary Grace

I was supposed to write our experience here as early as last week but since I forgot my DSLR, I had to do it just now XD.

This place is beside The Medical City

Their interiors have this homey atmosphere

My wife and I got to the Medical City at around 11:00am and we decided to have our brunch at Cafe Mary Grace in Rockwell Center in Ortigas. Its just a stones throw away from the hospital so going there was quite easy. As we got there, we were welcomed by the cozy and homey atmosphere as the soothing music plays on the background. There were magazines and books found on every rack and these were not just books but books about life and enlightenment of oneself.

More of it

Incorrectly watermarked! XD

Then we placed our orders for the second time. Instead of getting their breakfast meals, we tried their pasta along with other food choices.

My 7-month pregnant wife. ^_^

First, we got our respective drinks. My wife got the Apple and Cinnamon Honey Iced Tea (75 pesos)  while I got the Peppermint and Fruits Iced Tea (75 pesos). While I'm used to the taste of my wife's tea since I tried it before and I liked it. My drink has a good hint of peppermint that was really soothing and makes me feel cold. We tried to conserve our drinks while we wait for our food.

My Iced Tea and Her Iced Tea. Can you tell which is which? XD

For starters, we had Grilled Kesong Puti with slices of toasted bread (123 pesos). I chose this for my wife to try and she loved it. The olive oil on the cheese made the cheese easy to spread to the bread which was crunchy.

Grilled Kesong Puti

Next we got is their Prawn Salad with Papaya and Mango Vinaigrette (265 pesos). This salad took us a while for us to decide until my wife gave me the decision to choose. The greens were crunchy but my wife was looking for the vinaigrette which happens to be a yellowish dressing. The prawn happens to be 3 pcs. of shrimp but still tastes good and the papaya and mango bits can be counted to less than 10 probably.

Prawn Salad with Papaya and Mango Vinaigrette

Then their Summer Squash (124 pesos) was an instant hit for the both of us. Its presentation was really good that we didn't want to it eat at first XD. The soup was really delicious that probably the best squash soup I've ever tasted.

Summer Squash

Our plate got empty right away. XD

Then we have their pasta. I got Chorizo and Green Olive Pasta (264 pesos) while my wife got Mary Grace Mushroom Cream (264 pesos). Their pasta dishes didn't excite our palates at all. Its not that its tastes bland but rather it tasted just like the pasta dishes I get from the carinderia near our place for only 20 pesos. My wife agreed to my opinion regarding their pasta dishes and said that she preferred the spaghetti from Jollibee.

Chorizo and Green Olive Pasta

Mary Grace Mushroom Cream

And for the finale, we tried their famous Mango Bene (115 pesos). It was heaven on earth as we savored the flavor of mango in the cake. Its really creamy from the mango till the icing that I wanted to get a whole cake to go.

Mango Bene: Heavenly!

Done in less than 5 minutes. XD

We noticed that some of the food choices there were reasonably priced while others were a bit on the high side especially on the salad and pasta side. Our brunch was really filling and I hope to get back here to try their specialty which is grilled ensymada. 

I'm looking forward to visit this branch again. ^_^


  1. ughhh food <3333
    looks so delicious :">

  2. i was about to drool on the pasta but since u said the carinderia pasta was better, i'll just go with the mango bene...

  3. such a hearty meal! :) i like peppermint too but haven't tried Mary Grace's Peppermint and Fruits iced tea yet :)

  4. and I am officially hungry now... as in

  5. I am yet to try squash soup. But I seriously want to try their Mango bene. Looks really yummy especially with its fresh fruits.

  6. I wonder who owns the place...I would make a bet it's one of the TMC's doctors...heheheh

  7. I've been to Mary Grace twice, in their Serendra and Greenbelt branches. I do love the food! Sooo delicious!

  8. very organic...ako talaga yong nagutom bigla

  9. the chorizo and green olive pasta looks very inviting

  10. I had brunch there ... want to go back there for an afternoon merienda date with my honey


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