Tuesday, March 8

A look at My Awesome Lifebook 2011

This is one late post that I should have done a few weeks back since I told Anton that I'll make one once I've browsed everything from start to finish. I am one of a thousand people who would be able to get one of these since the planner is in its beta stages. After paying through bank a few weeks ago, I had to wait when will they be releasing the planner.

One reason why I went to Mercato Centrale last month was to claim the planner I purchased from Mr. Anton Diaz of ourawesomeplanet.com. I was hoping this planner would exceed my expectation and could be compared with those from coffee shops and with the ones bought from the bookstore.

I browse through its pages, I can't help it but to like it because it contains lots of information. It also shows the history of OAP as the blog dedicated to his Anton's kids. It has a vision board that helps one plan his ultimate day and pages of notepad that you could use as a draft. Though it doesn't have any discount coupons, its ok for me since what I'm after here are the contents.

After getting home from Mercato Centrale, my wife asked me to accompany her to the office, I showed her the planner I got. She liked the planner as well because it packs a lot of information plus knowing my wife that she only checks pictures, she liked what she saw as well.

As I got into her office, I was able to browse the planner again and took photos of it. As I browse through some of its pages, my eyes were stuck with each page as I can't help it but to feel good that I'm one of a thousand people who will be having this planner and use it as reference for this year.

On the life planner, Anton included some of his Top 8 and Top 10 favorites that are really interesting to read and probably bookmark. It also has a monthly calendar shown in succession. Each date shows festival dates and where it will happen. There are blank portions wherein I could probably write down any festivals or happenings that wasn't been included in there.

Then, each month shows some highlights that Anton and his family have already experienced in life like traveling around the country, discovering awesome places to dine and share stories. Tips like these really helps especially for me who looks forward to travel to different places in 2-3 years time.

Each month has been divided into weeks which allows users to log down their thoughts, reminders, important things to do and other notes in detail. There is a quote or saying on the top right of each page which serves as an inspiration to everyone of us.

At the end of each quarter, there is a blank page where in you can log your travel experiences and thoughts. There are at least 2-3 maps included for your road trip that serves as your guide.

Then finally, at the end of the planner, there are four blank pages where we could write down our thoughts and insights that we had this year. Also, the planner has the top 100 most awesome restaurants that he visited and they were categorized accordingly. I think I got to visit a restaurant or two and tried their dishes. It could have better if he included the possible budget per restaurant so future foodies would anticipate how much it costs to dine in there. Also, it would help if it is also indicated if it targets a certain market or all (from Class A to E).

Over-all the planner is a good one to keep. I'm looking forward to the 2012 planner. ^_^

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