Sunday, January 30

The week that was (January 23 - 29)

Sunday: I got up at 3:00am after only 4 hours of sleep. I got to go online early to check other blogs as well as check my mafia XD. Probably I was online for almost 6 hours before doing my laundry and read Sunday's paper. After hearing Sunday's mass, me and my wife went back home to have lunch before hitting the bed for my work at night. I forced myself to get up at 7:45pm as I got only a few hours of sleep. Going to the office was ok even if I got late by a few minutes. Since its Sunday in the US, I know I'll be having so much fun on my first day XD. 

Monday: Work was very light as I got only 1 call which I was able to fix. After my shift, I went home right away to see my lovely wife. I went online for a few minutes before taking her to the LRT for her ride to the office. I was able to get some good sleep though for the past few days, it seems its not enough for me. At 7:30pm, I'm already up and getting myself ready for work. I was quite surprised that I got in the office early even if I left home at almost 8:45pm. It must be with my timing with the LRT's arrival XD.

Tuesday:  Phones are in night mode which means calls are coming right here XD.I got a few calls that I was able to manage. Then I went out at 6:30am to have some breakfast since I got really hungry. After my shift, I went home right away to accompany my wife to the hospital. To my surprise, I got home earlier than I expected, probably because I took an fx ride at Shaw Blvd. When I got home, my wife was almost done fixing herself as I relaxed for a bit and watched tv. We left at almost 9:00am and got to the hospital an hour later. After she submitted some tests, we took a cab going to the office since she will be reporting for work. I stayed at her office for a few minutes before going home. I took a quick stop at Gateway for lunch before finally going home. I took another quick stop at the drugstore for my wife's vitamins. Probably I got to bed at around 1:30pm. I got up at 8:30pm still felling sleepy. Even if I'm not 100%, I left home at 9:45pm knowing that my colleague will be there by 10:00pm. When I got there, my colleague wasn't there until he told me he wont be reporting for the next couple of days. I know I'm gonna be working solo for the next few days XD.

Wednesday: So far, work is smooth and steady as I got 3 calls while the US Team is on lunch. I got 4 calls before my shift ends. I went home after my shift since I feel very tired and sleepy. When I got home, my wife was still sleeping and I woke her up. Then I went downstairs to read some blogs and look for fresh ideas. After taking my wife to the LRT, somehow I felt really tired as it takes it toll on my body. Good thing I was able to fall asleep right away. I got up 7 hours later, still feeling sleepy, I went to the drugstore to buy some medicines for my wife before reporting to office. Good thing I got there early.

Thursday: To my surprise, I didn't have any calls while the US team was on lunch. But still, my mind was not 100% focused because I'm not feeling very well =(. I might work for 10 days straight if I would be unfortunate since there might be no one to fill in the Fri-Sat night schedule which happens to be my rest days. I left the office at almost 7:30am because of one call I got at 6:15am. It didn't took that long but I didn't have any idea how to fix it until my colleague from the morning shift came. After shift, I went home via Crossing Quiapo route but had to stop by at Tropical Hut to have some breakfast. My wife was still sleeping when I got home. Then I went online for a few more hours until my wife was ready for work. Then I went up to bed and get some sleep but it seems I'm having a hard time sleeping. Though I was able to get 5-6 hours of good sleep, it feels like I need more. I left home earlier so that I wont be late for work. As I reach the office, My colleague told me the bad news the the wife of my fellow colleague in the night shift has passed away (may God bless her) and I'm not sure about the status of his baby. I hope everything will be alright as I got worried with my own as well.

Friday: Work was quite ok though I had 3 calls throughout my shift. I had to wait for mt TL to arrive at the office since no one will be manning the stations if I leave. Instead of going home, I went to CBTL to have some breakfast there. Actually, I wanted to see how it feels to relax at their Greenbelt 3 branch compared to  Salcedo. Its quite ok as I took pictures of my lensmug as well as my breakfast. Then, I proceed to Glorietta to wait for its opening at 10:00am but its still too early so I stopped by at Subway to have their sub of the day. Thinking I've killed enough time, I continued to go to Glorietta and waited there until the store opens. As soon as the mall opens, I wasted no time in going in and heading to the Photoworld Asia event where there are free camera and lens cleaning from Canon but to my disappointment, they said that free cleaning will be on weekends only from 1:00pm onwards. I left the place dismayed for the first time in years that I have attended Photoworld Asia. While boarding the bus, I was thinking of where to go next. In a blink of an eye, I went to SM Megamall to get myself a Giottos Air Blower to add to my cleaning tools for my camera. I got home probably past 12 noon and I went to bed to get that much needed rest for my 6th day in the office. I got at least 6 hours of sleep but since I feel a little bit sick due to coughs, I took my time slowly and waited for my wife to come home before leaving for work at 10:00pm and got there an hour later.

Saturday: Work was quite ok though I got reprimanded by my US Helpdesk Supervisor for missing an email that should have been done a few weeks back. I got surprised since I never seen that email in one of our inbox as probably he thought I put it somewhere. Then I went down to but some food for lunch (or probably breakfast) and I saw FHM's latest issue with Misa Campo on the cover.I bought it out of instinct but didn't noticed the damaged part on the sides. I went back again and continued working. My Helpdesk Manager gave me more tasks to do which requires me to call the users for software installation. I called them but none of them were answering. I left a voice message to them and documented it on the ticket. After shift, I was kinda confused where to go next. I took a cab all of a sudden to go to Intramuros to have my chicken meal at manang' stall #9. After eating, I went home to see my wife as well as take a breather before going back to SM Manila to do some bank transactions. I got another copy of FHM but this time, a better and sturdier one. I got back home again to get some more rest before leaving again for Greenhills to attend another session. That took me 4 hours before going back to Glorietta in Ayala to meet my friend Vince and have my camera bag sold to him. That was a good deal for me considering I'm selling at at 30% off from the original price I've bought it. We strolled around at the Photoworld Asia for a while before calling it a day. I took the MRT-LRT2 route and took a quick stop at World Chicken for a quick bite. I got home finally at 9:30pm after being awake for more than 24 hours (25.5 hours to be exact). I surrendered to my bed and fell asleep finally XD

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