Monday, January 31

Swabeng Random Thoughts Part 1

1. I missed 2 events (UST's foundation week as well as Mapua's foundation week.) Toinks!

2. Got 12 thoughts to blog but I don't know what to start. 

3. I should have got at least 3 hours of sleep so I could have focused on Master Jo Avila's Post Processing Technique (I might attend make-up classes for this XD). 

4. Planning where to spend our advanced Valentines Day for me and my wife since I'll be in the office on the night of Feb 14.

5. Buy Lowepro's Fastpack 250 on Tuesday. Fastpack 350 is way big for a backpack to me as of the moment. XD

6. Have my eyes and lungs check as soon as possible. 

7. I've been working 7 nights for the past 8 and I need a break XD. 

8. I hope FHM Philippines would have an autograph signing this month XD. 

9. I hope after running some errands on the 1st of February, I could take my wife to the Photoworld Asia in Glorietta to show to her my wish list XD.

10. I missed my bed back home. 


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