Wednesday, January 26

Going Solo

Taken from Google.

At least for the next few days that is. XD

I reported late in the office since I had only a few hours of sleep. I thought my colleague for the night was already there but apparently he's not. Our colleagues from the mid-shift asked us if we were coming. I responded but I'm gonna be late. When I got here, my other colleague was not here yet. I was suppose to call him about his whereabouts when our mobile rang. It was him.He told me he won't be able to report for a couple of days because his wife just gave birth to a healthy baby girl. I told him not to worry and focus on his wife and his newborn before discussing our schedules for the next few days.

I'd be telling my boss about the good news early in the morning and worry my schedule for the next few days. XD

Again, Congratulations! 

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