Thursday, November 11

The week that was (Oct 31 - November 6)

Sunday: After the Vixens event, we went to Shakeys in Makati Ave to enjoy our time we spent a while ago at LAX though the event itself was a little bit disappointing.I got home at 3:00am and went online for atleast an hour before going to bed. I stayed home almost the entire day. All of a sudden, I had an impulse to look for my father-in-law's grave to pay respects for him since I won't be able to go home to Batangas to visit my folks there. I stayed there for a couple of hours and I wrote to him as well so he would be able to read it.Then after I visit him, I went back home to take some rest and make myself feel sleepy.

Monday: I got up at 3:30 am and wasn't able to get sleep since then. I went down to go online for a couple of hours before going again to my father-in-law's grave. I spent some time there praying together with my mother-in-law. Then I went to Quiapo to buy some spare batteries for my external flash but unfortunately, the store was closed.So I decided to head east and go to Robinson's Galeria to buy a new headphone for my work PC. After checking their cdr-king branch there, I am not yet fully convinced so I went to SM Megamall to check if there were headphones available without the microphone part. But unfortunately, they don't have it anymore as I bought the one with a microphone attached but the headpiece was very similar to the one that I had before. Then, I had an urge to watch a movie since I need to kill time. I decided to watch "The Social Network" but I was an hour early for the first film. I walked around the mall and checked-out some items before going back to the movie area. I made sure to buy my favorite Nachos before watching the film. After watching that interesting movie, I went home right away to take a bath and relax some more. I made sure to get myself very sleepy before hitting the sack.

Tuesday: Got up again at 3:30am after some drama at the room by my wife. She got hungry that time so I brought her some spaghetti from the refrigerator and made her a glass of milk as well. Good thing everything went alright now and she was able to rest. I went online for a while before I went to Harrison Plaza to meet my mom there and give her my SSS contribution for the 4th quarter of this year while having breakfast at KFC. But before that, we went to Shopwise to look for some necessities for my wife like some fruits.I got back home early so that I would be able to get some sleep in the afternoon. I got up at around 7:00pm to get myself ready for work.

Wednesday: Work was quite ok since we were complete during the shift. I was able to watch some previous episodes of Imortal on youtube as well as do some personal editing on my blog. After my shift, I went home right away to get some much needed sleep since I need to take my wife to the hospital for her monthly check-up. It didn't took us that long to reach the hospital. I was able to hear the baby's heartbeat from a distance since my wife was in the room together with her doctor. After the check-up, we went down to have our early dinner first. Then all of a sudden I felt very sleepy and while on our way back home, my wife told me to take a time-off so that I would get more sleep. I heeded to my wife's advice and inform my colleagues that I won't be able to report for that night. As we got home, I lay down on our bed and fell asleep. My wife woke me up at 9:00pm to have our dinner. From there, I had an urge to change my mind and report to office but my body didn't cooperate with me so I just stayed home and watched more tv before finally calling it a day.

Thursday: Got up at almost 6:00am so that I would be able to have enough time to make myself sleepy in the afternoon. I left home at 10:00am to go to Quiapo to buy myself an extra set of batteries as well as an extension cord. After getting those, I went home right away to get myself sleepy and fall asleep. Then I hurriedly reported to office to join my colleagues in their shift.

Friday: Work was quite abundant in the office during my shift as I complete email requests. Then I went out to have my lunch at Jollibee. I also saw the promo for Starbucks regarding their 2011 planner. Perhaps, I should start collecting those stickers again. After my shift, I went home to get some rest and made sure to get up a bit early since its my rest day (vacation leave). I prepared my things for the Photomarathon so that it would be easy for me to access them. It took me a while though to make myself fall asleep.

Saturday: I got up at 4:00am, excited with the upcoming event from Canon. I wanted to get some more sleep but I'm having problems sleeping back. So I just took a quick breakfast before going to SMX for the Canon Photomarathon 2010. That day was really tiring but I really enjoyed the event. After that, I took a cab to the office. I was able to make myself feel comfortable before being able to doze-off before midnight.

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