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My Canon Photomarathon 2010 Experience

Pardon me if this post is already more than four months delayed as I'm still looking for a nice picture to include in this post XD. 

Last November 6 2010, I woke up early with eagerness and excitement to attend my first ever Canon Photomarathon for 2010. I got up as early as 4:00am since I'm having a hard time to fall asleep again. At around 5:30am, I left home and took a jeep to Rizal Ave in Sta Cruz only to hop on to LRT Doroteo Jose Station. (I should have took the LRT Legarda going to Recto instead XD). Then as I got to Gil Puyat (also known as Buendia), I took a cab going to SMX where I should have took the orange cabs instead to save on money. I got there probably within an hour.

I noticed a small line outside SMX so I joined them. Then we were able to get inside only to find out the there was a longer line as some came as early as 4:30am just to be early for the registration. If my memory serves me right, we were about more than two hundred eager photographers inside. I waited together with them and took some photos of the long queue while waiting for the registration to open. At around 7:00am or 7:30am, the registration has been opened. As I went inside, I saw a very organized queue that accommodates participants in alphabetical order. Something I wish other contests or events would do in the near future.

I saw some of my friends from my photography club and seated right next to each other as we got 2-3 tables alone for our group. I was having an impression that there will be free breakfast during the event. But instead, we only had free coffee and I didn't mind since the event was free of charge anyway and I was able to take a bite at home before going here. We were given Canon shirt and cap that we will be wearing throughout the day. Though I have an extra shirt with me, I opted to use the Canon shirt they gave me and have a feel of the shirt in my body.

Then the event started. First, there was a dance number by a certain group which I forgot the name followed by the introduction of all Canon Ambassadors in their respective fields. Then, the mechanics for the contest has been announced. There were three themes for the event. Each theme will be announced (except for the first) after the time is up.

Our first theme was Deep and Wide, peaks and valley go inside and outside, all the places you know. Near or far, it doesn’t matter, It’s the view that counts to the photographer.It made me think hard on what to shoot since this is my first time to join an on-the-spot photo contest sponsored by Canon.

As soon as we got the first theme, we went out and scouted the entire area to look for a good spot. It took me a while before picking my shot as I make sure I'm the only one there so that they won't be able to copy it or have the same shot. After taking that shot, I went back at SMX to submit my shot. Then I had enough time to relax and take snaps of my bag and the bottled water I purchased to quench my thirst.

Come lunch time, the queue was very long, I wasn't able to enjoy much so I had to be contented with the food that I had on my plate. It would be better than having nothing as I can't complain because it's free though there a lot of people complaining about the food XD. After lunch, the second theme was shown to us. The theme was “Big or Small we come in different sizes, short or tall we grow in spurts and phases, round and round the circle of life goes, when we stop only God knows“. I think I know the subject to shoot but the question was where to go.

I scouted almost all of SM Mall of Asia to find the right subject. After picking the right subject, I thought it was good enough but I had to look for more possible subjects since the one that I got was way to common for an entry. Then I went back to SMX to submit my entry and take a breather. I know Canon's event coincides with the other events near SMX so my friends and I took the opportunity to take a look into those events and take a snapshot or two.

Then we got our third and final theme for the day. The theme was “Happy, mad – sometimes we feel the blues. Angry, glad- our moods are changing hues. Up and down or lows and highs, when we close our eyes – surprise!” The theme was quite easy since there were throngs of people within and outside SMX. While looking for the perfect subject, I got a chance to shoot cosplayers from the other event just beside ours and carshow models at the back of SMX. We went to SMB by the bay to look for interesting subjects. I was able to find my subject and take pictures almost unobtrusively (except for other shooters at my back XD).

After my 3rd shot, I went back inside to submit my 3rd entry. After submitting mine, one of Canon's staff handed me a token as appreciation for attending the event. As I opened it, I was indeed delighted because I got myself a Canon Lens Mug plus other goodies from Canon (like lens guidebook, etc). He said everyone who attended the event will receive a genuine Canon Lens Mug. I was really ecstatic as I told my wife about it and how did the event go. She was so happy with the gift I got she hoped that they give out real lens instead XD.

After time ran out for the 3rd and final theme, all of us were inside already and waiting for dinner which won't be served for the next 30-45 minutes.We were entertained again with the same dance group who performed that morning. Then dinner was served which I made sure I got more than enough food since I'll be working for that night after the event. I had my plate filled for seconds as food was much abundant as compared earlier.

Then the winners were announced per theme and over-all. I wasn't surprised with the entries of the winners. Their shots were really unique and dynamic. Dynamic in a sense that there were people included in the photos and not just stills.The over-all winner go a lot of prizes from Canon and its other sponsors that would made me envious of the winner. But well, there is always a next time and plus, having a shirt and cap plus a genuine Canon Lens Mug is already a steal for me.

I hope I could still join the Canon Photomarathon 2011 this year. XD


  1. i envy you... i've been to any canon photomarathon. i hope i can it this year. thanks for blogging about your experience. now, i know what to expect.


  2. The photomarathon looked like a nice adventure. I saw a picture of the canon lens mug and it was so cool. Great pictures by the way.

  3. Sometimes, the best photos are those that just capture themselves. no preps, no props, as is.

  4. Kuya Mark! I've always wanted a Canon lens mug. I envy you!
    The kid looks so cute with his bubbles. Great capture!

  5. Canon!!! <3 Been a canon user since god knows when

  6. The very first ever Photo contest I joined was sponsored by Canon. Way way back, well, I don't remember anymore the year maybe it was 2008 or 2009. I won second place. Winning the competition without any training in photography had inspired me. I hope to join future Canon events here in Manila. Invite me po ha ha ha!

  7. cute photo of the kid! and I like the shirts!

  8. You've a better photo taking adventure. I think since this photomarathon experience you'vem you're now a pro-photographer par excellence.

  9. I hope you win next time! I have a friend who has the lens mug and it is really unique, I'm envious that you have one too!

  10. I would love to take photography as a personal hobby

  11. I read a post as well about canon photo marathon
    and how tiring yet fun it was..
    The first tim I heard about it, I felt sorry being a nikon user myself.. lol! perhaps I should add Canon to my weapons for photography. ;)

  12. Great shots! I own a canon too pero mahihiya sa mga dala nyo :)

  13. Great experience
    Great product
    Great event
    SUCCESSFUL marathon and you're
    LUCKY to be one of the participants.


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