Sunday, November 14

An unprecedented 8th title for the People's Champ

Picture from Pacland 

Held at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium last night (US Time), millions of people were glued to their TV sets  as they watch the fight between Manny Paquiao and Antonio Margarito. This was also Paquiao's 2nd fight here at the said stadium.

Against someone bigger and heavier than him, Paquiao utilizes his speed and quickness to the fullest as the was able to connect a series of punches to Margarito left and right. and that style never fails Paquiao in getting his victory over his opponent. I thought Paquiao would be able to knock Margarito out of his senses but the former three-time champion held on his own but lost to a unanimous decision to the Filipino fighter.

With another title in his list, whats next for our peoples champion? Beating Mayweather to a pulp? If that match won't materialize, he could look for someone else to fight instead of trading words with Mayweather since that is not Paquiao's style.

Again, congratulations Pacman. You gave me a reason why I am proud to be a Filipino. XD

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