Monday, January 6

Swabeng Thoughts: Getting Premium with SSS and Philhealth

Only a couple days more before I could get my first paycheck for 2014. I'm looking forward to a bigger pay since I reported on all holidays during the Christmas season plus my unused sick leaves for the past year XD. 

Now the not so good news part is that starting this year (this month), SSS and Philhealth will be raising their respective member contributions. While I'm still trying to recall how much my monthly contribution is for both (I guess I'm at the maximum XD), here are the new contribution tables for both SSS and Philhealth.

SSS Contributions starting 2014

Philhealth Contributions starting 2014

While our government explained the rational for the increase, most of us do not agree. I don't mind the increase as long as I'd be able to reap the benefits in the future as well as my fellow contributors, I'm good with that. 

I would also keep an eye on any update with these two institutions as I contribute for my future and when I retire (hopefully as early as I can), I hope I could enjoy the rest of my life with some money to spend.

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