Thursday, January 9

Swabeng Event: Feast of the Black Nazarene

Well for those who have little or no knowledge about today's event, here is an infographic from Inquirer's webpage. 

Its been a long while since the last time I've joined the Feast of the Black Nazarene with a curious mind. Though I'll be missing it again for the 4th straight year since the first time I've attended, I am with all the other devotees who will be attending today. I wonder where is the Black Nazarene right now? 

Infographic from

When I went there a few years back, I've seen different types of people aside from the devotees. Young and old were there as well as some fanatics too. While most went there barefooted (as a sign of sacrifice and penitence), I made sure I had mine covered for safety.

And while others criticize the event as a possible starting point of stampede or other chaotic events (Some may never understand). It is their Faith that brought millions of our fellowmen towards it knowing that their prayers will be answered (and they were as I've asked a few before). It didn't matter how many people (by the millions) would attend, what matters is they were there celebrating with others. It didn't also matter to them if they get injured or not, what matters is that they make sure their fellow devotee is okay. 

I miss taking this kinds of pictures. 

In my experience, all of them were helpful especially to photographers. They would let us climb up rooftops of waiting sheds to make sure we got a good view of everybody. Though my camera was not cooperating with me then, I was able to take some decent shots and posted them here 

I do envy students as well as those who work in Manila as Mayor Joseph Estrada issued a suspension order of all classes in all levels in Metro Manila plus some of the Government offices declared the same. 

Anyway, here is the route for today's procession. There were some changes as it will pass now Jones Bridge instead of the usual Mc Arthur Bridge due to safety issues 

Taken from Google

Traffic re-routing scheme has been posted on this link. But here is the text of it.

1. All vehicles coming from northern part of Manila intending to utilize the stretch of Bonifacio Drive (for Port Area offices) or right to A. Soriano to Magallanes Drive, right to P. Burgos, go straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Ave.

2. All vehicles coming from Taft Avenue northbound shall turn right at A. Villegas (Arroceros), right at Quezon Bridge to point of destination.

3. All vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the northbound of Roxas Blvd. from T. M. Kalaw to P. Burgos shall turn right to T.M. Kalaw to point of destination.

4. All vehicles coming from Quezon City using the stretch of Espana shall turn right P. Campa, left Andalucia, right Fuguso, left T. Mapua to point of destination.

5. All PUJ’s/light vehicles coming from Espana intending to proceed to South Pier Zone take the usual route using Quezon Bridge.

6. All vehicles coming from Divisoria intending to utilize the stretch of C. Recto Avenue shall turn left to T. Alonzo, right at Furguso, right at Andalucia to point of destination.

7. All vehicles coming from Legarda shall turn right Recto or left Mendiola to point of destination.

8. All heavy vehicles/cargo trucks coming from the south shall take Pres. Osmena, right Pres. Quirino to Nagtahan via A.H. Lacson to Capulong (vice-versa).

Wherever you are, stay safe.

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