Thursday, January 2

Swabeng Thoughts: 2014 Holidays, should I work or should I go

This is one of the topics I've read before in various blogs. Most of them have already planned their out-of town trips with (for travel bloggers) and others have plans of doing staycations. My swabeng thoughts on this? Just read below.

Some would prefer to stay home and spend time with their love ones as much as they could. As a dad, I prefer this over going out-of-town (for now). However, working in an IT environment would be a different case. My wife has accepted the fact that I'm required to report whenever necessary.

I belong to a group that requires us (as a group) to man the operations on a 24/7/365 basis. It means that there should be at least one of us (whoever is scheduled for the day) should be visible just in case someone needs our assistance. It also means that if we're scheduled to work on a holiday, we should be there or else, we'll get deducted (no work no pay) unless we use our leave credits.

Here is the list of National Holidays for 2014. Be sure to plan accordingly and use them wisely.

Taken from The Manila Bulletin Facebook Page.

I'm looking forward to work on holidays, get extra pay (YEHEY!!!) and save-up for the future. ^_^

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