Monday, January 13

Swabeng Thoughts: Adding Financial IQ to my arsenal

Since early last year, I got interested with anything that has to do with savings, investment and anything that has to do with money. This was due to the fact that where I work right now gave me more than enough to save first for my daughter's expenses for the next 2-5 years.

Then it dawned on me? Why I did take this seriously only now? Why not ten years ago or 15 years ago or even earlier when I was still single. Even my dad taught me on how to save money in a bank even before highschool, yet I was on and off with having a savings account in banks.

The only reason I could possibly think of is because the amount of money I earn way back was not enough (in my standards) for me to allocate some savings. Also, I was in a stage where I wanted to enjoy more and make sure I have done that before settling down.

Although I was able to save several times, I have only end up to spend it until the last centavo. I did this so many times that I thought I won't be able to recover financially. Good thing I did recover and I was able to start saving up (seriously) last year. 

When I got married to a Manilena (with an Ilocano Heritage), I had to make some little adjustments on saving as she kept reminding me to be thrifty and save. Although we had a joint account that we opened even before we got married, it was my wife who kept us afloat even there was a time that I didn't have a job and a daughter to raise for a few months. 

Well, I'm not yet a Financial Genius nor an Expert but I'm starting to learn the ropes and hopefully, gain more than enough knowledge for me to grow old and happy and I'll make sure to pass on what I'll be learning to my daughter. 

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