Thursday, October 31

Swabeng Thoughts: 13th Month Pay - Save or Splurge?

It was 2008 the last time I received my 13th month pay while working in a call center. Fast forward today, its been almost 5 years and I couldn't hold my excitement in receiving my well-deserved extra pay. Well, I could have received it a few times but the last company I worked with doesn't have 13th month pay in their vocabulary.

Last 2008, I didn't splurge on my 13th month pay as I saved almost all of it to our wedding expenses at that time. Then a few years passed by, my wife was the one getting her 13th month pay while I just smiled and be happy for her (and for me too XD ).

In the next few weeks, the 13th month pay I'll be receiving will be a lot first for me again. First, this would be my first 13th month pay with my daughter and wife. I'll make sure their needs (and a few wants) would be satisfied first. It would also be my first 13th month pay that I'd be getting much than what I expected (hopefully) that not in my wildest dreams, I'm gonna get it. 

After putting most of my 13th month pay to my daughter's account, I'll make sure to get some things for myself from new clothes and shoes to new books.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

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