Wednesday, August 28

Marien 365: Week 50 (Day 344 - 350)

Day 344: Smiles as she knows she will be carried up.

Day 344

Day 344: Wanna fight?!? XD

Day 344

Day 345: Grabbing some snacks.

Day 345

Day 345: Shaking it feeling that she wants more.

Day 345

Day 346: We went outside to have some fresh air. 

Day 346

Day 347: I need to do something so I had to put her in her walker.

Day 347

Day 348: Serious? XD

Day 348

Day 349: Before I report for work, I click on my camera's shutter.

Day 349

Day 350: Playing time.

Day 350

Day 350: And she still doesn't want to sleep XD

Day 350

Day 351 - 357 would be next. 

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