Wednesday, August 7

Swabeng Thoughts: Getting a Coffee Card (Starbucks Reward Card)

Taken from Google

I've been seeing advertisements about this card on facebook for a couple of days now. While some raised their eyebrows on how expensive it is, I gave it some thought.

Whenever I have extra money and want to spend some time either alone or with my family for coffee or other hot drinks, we usually go to Starbucks to spend some time there. The fewer the people, the better for us.

If you ask me, I don't see anything wrong here. Why? First, You actually don't pay anything for the card. You could initially purchase it for 300 pesos (with 300 pesos consumable). Upon registering your card online, you get a free grande drink of your choice (must be claimed within 60 days upon registration). Then you can load it again at least 100 pesos (minimum) and you can load it up to 10,000 pesos (maximum). Then for every drink you buy, you earn a star. Collect 12 stars and you can claim your free drink of your choice (grande). Did I forget that you'll be getting a free slice of 

They say they would be releasing different designs in the coming days. I look forward to it given the same conditions.

Anyway, if you have more questions, you could visit their website here, or look for me at a nearest Starbucks =P

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