Thursday, August 8

Marien 365: Week 46 (Day 316 - 322)

Day 316: Look at what her vitamins can do to her.

Day 316

Day 317: She just got up from her morning nap.

Day 317

Day 317: I think she knows I'm going to work now.

Day 317

Day 318: Crawling her way back to the bed.

Day 318

Day 318: She has my coin purse asking for some spare change.

Day 318

Day 319: Sorry for the bad lighting XD.

Day 319

Day 320: Doing some stretching for the day.

Day 320

 Day 321: Standing at almost two-feet tall. XD

Day 321

Day 321: Wiping some sweat off her face.

Day 321

Day 322: I got tired so I slept on our bed that when I got up, I didn't notice that she slept on the couch.

Day 322

Can't wait for Week 47? Well its just a few days away. XD

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