Tuesday, July 16

Your July Men's Magazine

Well since I'm a busy man, I would just do this now. XD

Were through with the first half of 2013. Now were on the 2nd half, I'm sure you're more excited on who would be the cover on which magazine. You be the judge XD.

1. FHM Philippines (Alodia Gosiengfiao): Philippnes' Cosplay Queen-slash-Multi talented artists has already said yes to this month's edition of FHM. Would she be on her usual cosplay outfits? Just grab a copy to see for yourself. I forgot to mention that it also has the Top 100 Sexiest Supplement with Roxee B (The former Roxanne Barcelo) on the cover.

2. Esquire Philippines (Pres Benigno Aquino III): Uhm, is it because this month would be his Sona that's why he's on the cover?

3. Rogue (Celine Lopez): This issue seems interesting, I got to grab a copy once I get my paycheck. 

4. Playboy Philippines (Princess Snell): Former starstruck and survivor Philippines alumna Princess Snell reminded me of this old movie "who framed Roger Rabbit" with her seductive eyes. This I got to see. It also has another cover of Princess just in case you prefer her in black. XD

I have yet to see July's issue of Red and UNO (What happened to UNO?). 

But anyway, please do grab a copy before July ends =P

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