Sunday, July 14

Marien 365: Week 41 (Day 281 - 287)

Day 281: Please don't pick on the plants.XD

Day 281

Day 282: One morning with her tita who happens to take care of my daughter since my wife reported back for work after a 9-month absence.

Day 282

Day 283: One of her mood swings again

Day 283

Day 284: Running around!

Day 284

Day 284: She stops for a photo-op. XD

Day 284

Day 284: So hungry she can't wait. XD

Day 284

Day 285: She's still my baby in a big world called home.

Day 285

Day 286: Guess who just woke up? XD

Day 286

Day 287: Posing again. XD

Day 287

Day 287: She's asking something from her tita. XD

Day 287

11 more weeks to go. XD       

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